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Jul 28, 2010 08:46 AM

What's the latest on Lark?

Would like to finally try Lark, now that they take reservations (had never wanted to venture across the water from Bainbridge HOPING we'd get in.

Been there lately? What's good?

And on a completely other note - anyone been to June (Madrona)?

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  1. I was at Lark last week and it was fantastic, as always. I love their farro dish. Other things we had and loved were the rosti potatoes with clabber cream and caviar, chorizo with strawberries (a shockingly good taste combination) and the duck leg.

    I'm going to June tonight so I can't help you there!

    1. Concur with Lauren re: Lark...always fabulous! Wonderful seasonal menu...executed to perfection!
      June...nice neighborhood joint. Food was prepared perfectly. Menu was a bit heavy for summer fare. Yams with aioli...yummy. Burger a perfect medium were starchy and lacked flavor. Lamb neck with hand cut pasta was fabulous...but heavy for a warm night. That being said....there is great potential @ June.

      1. Last time I went to Lark (spring) I was disappointed--not up to standards I was used to. everything rather ho hum. but I would still recommend it, especially with the more recent recommendations here.

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          I have detect a bit of what cocktailhour is saying. For example, I visited last weekend, and found a mixture of fairly pedestrian items and very good ones. The calamari was excellent, the pork belly quite good if very fatty, while the baby lettuce salad was less than crisp and the burratta a bit tensile instead of soft (don't know if that texture was intended). For a place that focuses on local products, Lark does tend to keep alot of the same items on the menu year-round, and it seems less innovative than in years past. Maybe regulars consistently demand house favorites like the potatoes robuchon, etc.

          I am usually reluctant to comment on anecdotal service miscues, but I want to mention that Lark's hostess gave me a good dose of attitude when I was trying to get a party of seven seated. I had inquired about availabiity by phone, and she asked if I could be there in 20 minutes (about 7PM). I replied that some but not all the party could show, and she declined to accept that proposal. They booked us for 8:30, and I arrived a bit early and announced my presence. The hostess told me that she recognized me from the phone, and she had apparently determined that I was a pushy customer and needed to be handled accordingly, unnecessarily injecting a stilted, condescending tone into our interactions. We weren't seated until well after 9. And it would certainly serve their financial interests to steer people to Licorous for $11 cocktails while they "try" to clear a table. Of course, this is a common industry tactic.