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Checkers Drive In Coming to Connecticut

Hello Folks,

I remember having a Checkers Burger years ago on a trip to Long Island .
It was pretty good.
Just wondering if anyone else has had Checkers Hamburgers and how would you compare them to other Chains in America?
They have that retro-double drive thru for auto's which I thought was cool.

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  1. Never heard of it....Where is it rumored to pop up?

    1. There are quite a few in the DC/MD/VA area. I've found the burgers just okay; better than McDonalds but not as good as Five Guys. I didn't care for the "seasoned" fries which just taste way too salty for me. The service, however, is appalling (20 minute waits, in the drive through, where you're pretty much trapped). That may be a regional thing, though. I also like that they serve chili dogs. They do have some decent coupon-only deals; two-for-one sales and so on.

      1. checkers is pretty good. cheap meals and intereting items..like chili burgers and sourdough

        1. It's Checkers in some areas and Rally's in others.
          Burgers are decent for fast food. A good amount of variety and specialty sandwiches. I agree with monkeyerotica about the fries.
          They do a lot of real cheap specials, like two burgers for three bucks.

          1. there used to be quite a few in the tampa area but a bunch of them closed down over the last few years. which is a shame because if I am going to get a quick burger from a drive-through checkers is definitely the place I would go over the other big national chains, even their wings are not half bad in a pinch.

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              I've heard some of the Tampa ones actually would have autograph sessions with Rays players.

            2. I'm going to have to amend my previous review. I tried the Medium Buffalo Wings at Checkers and I'm a fan. These are seasoned with Frank's Redhot Buffalo Sauce, which gives it a nice mild layer of heat. I'm not into the really toxic hot wings, but they also carry Insanely Hot Wings if you're willing to try them. I just wish they served these with a blue cheese sauce. There's also Honey BBQ, Garlic Parmesian, and Sweet and Spicy Asian. The Medium Buffalo wings were nice and meaty, skin was crispy, and the sauce was just right. 5-piece were around $3. If you're in the mood for buffalo wings, give these a try.

              1. Pretty much what everyone else said. They have deals and coupons galore. I think on Sundays they have a special and you can get hot dogs and small shakes for .79. I'm not a huge fan, but love their cheddar bacon crunch burger - burger with their cheese sauce, crunchy raw onions and bacon. They're tasty and frequently go on sale 2 for $3! :)

                1. I love their fries. A deliciously peppery seasoned coating, quite unlike the "seasoned" fries elsewhere.

                  The burgers are enjoyable, but nothing special. They're inexpensive though, especially when they're running some sort of "two-fer" promotion. I think the smaller burgers are a better deal than their bigger ones.

                  I wouldn't get the wings or the chicken sandwich. The chili dogs are passable. Wienerschnitzel chili dogs are much better, though.

                  They have Barqs, which is great because I love root beer and most fast food places don't have root beer.

                  1. A Checkers opened today on state highway 27 in New Brunswick, NJ...almost directly across the street from both a White Castle and a McDonalds (and those are right next to each other!).

                    I tried a burger and have to say that I was pleasantly surprised...it was pretty decent for a fastfood burger, certainly much better than other places of its type. And I thought is was definitely better than any of the dry and gristle laden Five Guys burgers I've had (I really don't understand what the fuss is about FG...a pretty lackluster sandwich badly cooked to boot , consistently so at the several locations I visited).

                    I largely avoid fastfood places as a rule...I tried this new Checkers really mostly out of curiosity. But I can actually see going back there once in a while if I'm in the mood for a quick and CHEAP lunch that tastes pretty good. I'm guessing that they'll probably do ok despite the well established competition across the street from them.

                    1. there is one just over the bronx border, i find them only fair and there is also a popeyes just up the street from them, so if i am going i usually stop at popeyes. the menu looks better than i find the food though. their strength really is in their pricing though- good deals always