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Jul 28, 2010 08:42 AM

Top 2 italian and french restaurants in Tokyo?

HI I am off to my yearly trip to Tokyo for my much-awaited gourmet experience in Sept.. Appreciate help !! I usually have a mix of Jap, italian and french for fine dining and casual local eateries. So far, i have yet to finalise my italian and french restaurants for bookings... For italian, i have been to aroma fresca n argenta aso - both of which i love and for french, i have been to quintessence and robuchon - the former fabulous n the later decent. Looking for new experiences so would rather not go back to the same restaurants. Appreciate suggestions!!

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  1. For Italian -- I really loved Il Grappolo da Miura. Wonderful homemade pasta and bread, delicious meat and fish too.
    For French -- was unimpressed by L'Osier.. Food was good, but not nearly up to snuff compared to a starred Parisian restaurant. Also, the only meal where I was too full at the end, the pacing was off -- could not eat my mignardises! Would not go back.

    My favorite French place in Japan is in Kyoto, Misoguigawa, which does a kind of French Kaiseki, it's just fantastic.

    1. for french troisgros and l'osier.

        1. I second the Michel Troisgros recommendation in the French category and would also add heavy-hitters L'Osier and Chateau Joel Robuchon to the list. If anyone is in a position to recognize great French food, it would be Delucacheesemonger - so I'm adding Pachon to my restaurant list for my annual Tokyo trip.

          In the Italian category, was pleasantly surprised by Faro in Ginza's Shiseido Building.

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            Looks like Troisgros and Pachon comes highly recommended!! I came across a top italian favorite on tabelog - Il Teatrino da Salone - infact rated #1 but cant get any information on the web..anyone been that or heard about it? Certainly looks interesting

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              I just had dinner at Faro. Have to say it was quite fine. Good value for money, too.

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                Another vote for Troisgros.

                By the way, they have a budget branch inside Odakyu Department store that does up a nice lunch menu starting at around Y1500. Wines are quite reasonable too, as you can pick up a bottle in their bakery and bring it to lunch or dinner for a small corkage charge.

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                  Nice! Thanks for the heads up on that!