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Jul 28, 2010 08:07 AM

Korean Tacos in Richmond?

Just read the NYTimes article on Korean tacos, and they sound great. Anybody know of a place in Richmond that has any?

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  1. i don't know, but i work with korean women who could make it!

    1. You might try these guys:

      I had their Asian and Mexican tacos a couple of weeks ago when the truck was in Innsbrook. The Asian wasn't bad but the Mexican taco wasn't very Mexican in my opinion.

      Innsbrook Cafe
      4551 Cox Rd Ste 112, Glen Allen, VA 23060

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        Korean style takos can be found at Boka with Kimchi, Thai herbs and sesame. Sometimes Bulgogi marinated beef is available. Sambal pork is good Asian style too, or Shoyu tofu. The Mexican Takos dont use boring stereotypical taco filler. Habanero-lime vinaigrette dresses shaved Napa cabbage, drizzled with chipotle crema and Chihuahua cheese. Most tacos in th U.S. are so Americanized or creatively lack lustered that authentic Mexican ingredients often don't even have a chance to be showcased. No lettuce, tomato and sour cream here. Not even on the truck. Wrong place. Boka' Truck's tacos are not to be confused with any other trucks or carts. Boka's herb blend is unique too, using cilantro in addition to Thai herbs. It is ALL fusion in some way or another.

        1. re: boka

          I love the Boka truck and miss their cart near Riverfront Plaza!! And miss them coming to the Byrd House Market!!

          1. re: boka

            Boka & Komida tacos are AMAZING! I wish the Komida Kart at the Biotech Park would open back up. I