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Jul 28, 2010 07:50 AM

Healthy Nashville Restaurants

I've been reading over the posts on here for restaurants and have come across many places that sounds great! However, I'm a pretty healthy eater so taking trips and finding good restaurants can sometimes be a struggle. I'll be in Nashville the first week of August and was looking for some good suggestions of healthy-healthier restaurants that I could try. I've heard great things about a place called Flyte. Not a big breakfast fan, more of a lunch and dinner kinda girl. Thanks for the help!!

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  1. Depends on whether you mean healthy as in "includes properly-cooked vegetables in a meal" or as in "all meat and produce is organic."

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      Yes, please specify what you mean by "healthy." Are you concerned about portion size, fat/calories, source of food, etc.? Also, are you vegetarian, or are you an omnivore who can enjoy vegetarian fare? What about ethnic food vs. middle-American? Are you trying to find Southern specialties or will any type of food suffice? Etc.

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        Fido comes to mind when I think healthy and local.

    2. there are actually some tasty places to check out...when you say healthy I think vegetarian...( I should probably change that misconception! haha) but one of the new places to go is the Wild Cow in East Nashville they do vegetarian and vegan fare, right next door is the Silly Goose which is more on the "healthful" lean concentrating on local produce, dude doesn't even have a stove or oven which doesn't mean it's all crazy microbiotic or anything but the freshness and quality of the food shine through. Calypso Cafe on Elliston Place in midtown is also a great lunch spot and there are healthy options as there are really in most restaurants but if you're in nashville you should try some down home least for one meal...

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        Thanks for the feedback! When I say healthy I mean fresh ingredients, not fried or tons of fat, lots of veggie options. I'm not exactly vegan, but I don't eat much meat or dairy. The people I'll be with, however, aren't super healthy like I am. I don't want to be a pain while picking out restaurants so I was just wanting some places that serve healthier dishes then your average restaurant might

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          OK, then. Your party would likely all enjoy Flyte.

          You might also want to try Café Margot, a very good French restaurant in East Nashville. All the food there is local and they have vegetarian and vegan options. <> They also have a Sunday brunch which might be a nice compromise for breakfast.

          You really ought to try something truly local in style, so check out Southern Bred. <> They do traditional southern food but updated and made much lighter. And delicious. There are a number of vegetarian options, but not much for vegans (though they'd probably accomodate some changes if asked).

          For something between the upscale and the meat & 3, you could try the Tin Angel. It's well-cooked though not especially imaginative food, a pleasant atmosphere, some vegetarian options. They don't focus on the healthiness of it all (as Flyte or Southern Bred do) but you can be sure that they aren't buttering or oiling everything to death. <>

          Tin Angel Restaurant
          3201 W End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203