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Jul 28, 2010 07:41 AM

Are any of these cachacas worth buying?

So I bought a bottle of Agua Luca a while back and I don't really care for it. Too earthy and almost tequila-like for me. Luckily, my wife likes it in caipirinhas, so it will be gone soon. We don't have a big selection in Michigan, but Binny's in Chicago has a few to choose from and we have relatives there who can pick some up. So, what would you suggest from this list for caipirinhas? Thanks for any advice.

Rio D Original Cachaca, Cachaca 51, Cabana, Ypioca Gold, Leblon, Ypioca Crystal, Ypioca Toucano Rum

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  1. Most cachaças, unless aged, taste fairly similar. (I'm sure some cachaça fiend will disagree, but I've tasted quite a few.)

    I really enjoy the grassy, botanical taste of the sugar cane that you describe, but that is inherent to any cachaça or rhum agricole. If you don't like that, you don't like cachaça.

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      Fair enough, thanks for the info.

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        Ypioca and 51 are standard well cachacas for caipirinhas in Brazil. Use those.

    2. Cachaca 51 for mixing, Leblon for sipping