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Jul 28, 2010 07:06 AM

What are you baking these days? Part VI [old]

(Note: There's a newer "What are you baking these days?" thread started. If you have a question or comment about something below, please go ahead and post it. But if you want to add a new thing you're baking to the list, please find the newest thread from this list: -- The Chowhound Team )

So here we are at the sixth chapter of our baking adventure. Weather in NY is moderating a bit, so it's time to get that old rolling pin cracking! (Memo to self.) What are you up to in your kitchens, you bread cake cookie muffin tart pie confection bakers???

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  1. I bake pizza, specifically Chicago style fat pizza . . . It's the only thing I bake, other than cheese toast . . . from a family recipe which I didn't really learned just instinctively try to recreate . . .

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      1. Peach-raspberry pie ... loosely based on a recipe for peach cobbler. Very yummy.

        1. The oven was on, so I made Alice Medrich's Brandied Apricot Cake from Cocolat, in two Bundt pans. It all went well, until I turned the cakes out, when part of both cakes decided to stay in the pan. This is a frustrating recipe as sometimes the cakes turn out perfect, and sometimes not. I liberally buttered and floured the pans before use. Still tastes great, though......breakfast tomorrow.

          I have this probelm only with this cake. I use the same pans for RLB's Golden Grand Marnier Cake as well as Kugelhopf, with absolutely no problem.

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            Does some of the fruit adhere to the pan? I always hold my breath when unmolding Bundt cakes too. I'm sure this will be anathema to you but I've had the best luck with Crisco liberally applied (I use a paper towel), then flour, then a spray of PAM. Belt and suspenders. (My mom used to always grease her pans with butter, she thought it gave a butterier taste to things - but she almost always used margarine in baking, except for Christmas things - and butter tarts.)

            1. re: buttertart

              Yes, some of the fruit does adhere to the pan; never thought of that. I'll try your solution the next time. Thanks.

              As an experiment one thing I may do the next time is leave the fruit out of the batter, put a layer of batter in the bottom, fruit in a layer in the middle, then more batter, and see what happens.

              This recipe uses buttermilk, and I have made it many times, but this time you could really smell the buttermilk during the baking. It had a sour smell, but I know for sure that the buttermilk is okay (bought from a supermarket, and the best before date is well out into August).

              1. re: souschef

                That's strange, maybe a reaction with the fruit? Usually it just makes things smell extra-yummy baking. PS if buttermilk hasn't molded or started smelling "different" I have been known to use it ages after its sell-by to no ill effect.

                1. re: buttertart

                  Baked blondies from tastespotting.Great recipe.

          2. Just made some lemon curd to fill a tart with tomorrow and then fill with fresh picked blueberries. I usually make the curd day of but too busy tomorrow. Hoping it will hold up well in the fridge and still be somewhat pourable tomorrow. It's been a while since I made curd and I always think I need to make it more often, I could eat a whole batch while it's still warm!

            Also made an expresso icebox cake which is chilling in the freezer. I wanted to make chocolate cookie dough balls but figured tomorrow would be too hot to feel like dipping something in chocolate. Think I will save that recipe for the holidays...