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Jul 28, 2010 06:55 AM

St Tropez

We will be in France in September and have wonderful food plans for Paris, Champagne Region, Provence & some in Bordeaux, now just need to settle on St Tropez.

I realize St Tropez is touristy and, as I read here, 'one does not go to St Tropez for the food' but given that we're staying there I'd love to pick one or two places for dinner, and perhaps a nice meal in a village within a 30 minute drive?

In St Tropez the best bets appear to be Lei Mouscardins (for fresh fish), La Tour Joseph or Aubuerge des Maures. Spoon by Byblos seems very hotel-y. Has anyone had experience at any of these, or another place you may recommend?

In terms of type of food - seafood would be wonderful since we are on the coast, and price range we would prefer120 EURO and below pp. Thank you.

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  1. The little village of Grimaud (do not confuse with Port Grimaud!) is a dreamy little place. Very medieval. A totally different world from the glitz of St Trop. Real people, real restaurants.

    A gorgeous place with rustic decor is Les Santons, of course the place is decorated with these. Wonderful food. Another wonderful restaurant right in town is La Bretonniere. Both of these places have great outdoor terrasses as well. Both of these places have a good variety of seafood choices.

    Grimaud is only about 15 minutes from St Trop.

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      I had read about Grimaud and it was on my perhaps list, so thank you!