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Jul 28, 2010 06:45 AM

Les Papilles email?

First of all - thanks to everyone on this board, I have compiled a list of reservations that is *SO EXCITING* from your posts and I will post my report in return once I'm back.

I'm trying to make reservations via email for Les Papilles for a Wednesday night in September (cheap and close to our hotel for our first night and by all accounts has lovely food), I can't seem to get a response... I had read on here they are pretty good at responding via email, do I have the right one?

I tried to book via telephone but the person on the other end unleashed a barrage of words I couldn't understand, very quickly and hung up! Unfortunately my French is only enough to make a simple reservation... dumb question I know but any info you have would be appreciated (i.e. maybe they no longer take reservations?)

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  1. They're closed right now for summer holiday. I know they're closed this week -- not sure for how long, though.

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      THE MAGIC OF CHOWHOUND!! Thank you, I will try again in a few weeks...

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        And when they are open, they tend to be quite good with email... otherwise, they suggest calling during the day (in the morning is what they said) instead of during dinner hours when it's too hectic for them to take a reservation.