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Jul 28, 2010 06:37 AM

CT Wine Fest in Goshen...worth it?

Thinking about going this weekend, says there is good food there as well. Is it worth it? Thanks!

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  1. Absolutely not! You'll wait in long lines to get 20 tickets each for your wine tastings. Then go into sweltering buildings where there are hundreds if not thousands of people all crowded around wine sellers tables trying to hand in their tickets to get a taste of anything. The samples are measured one ounce sample precisely and no double dipping, ok you got yours, go and press through another crowd. Here and there there will be a table with the usual dip mixes like you'd see at any craft show (try to get near them). Unlike more upscale events where you'd get to sample enough to satisfy your need for lunch, after an hour or so we took a break and bought something outside and listened to the music. We went back in, bought a bottle of wine, gave away the rest of our tickets to the idiots still waiting in the long lines and called it a lesson learned.

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      I couldn't agree more! to top it off, they are all CT wines- so unless you like fruit wines you are pretty much out of luck. At least you were able to get food, junescook- most of the vendors were out when we got there! It was truly awful. We did take the long way home and had a nice drive, though!

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        I think we stopped at Nodine's to pick up come smoked stuff since we were there. Nodine's Smokehouse is just north of the rotary, maybe a quarter mile north of the fairgrounds.

        Nodine's Smokehouse
        668 Riverside Ave, Torrington, CT 06790

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          they have the best bacon(s) around!!!!