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Jul 28, 2010 06:27 AM

In the tradition of the late, but not forgotten Thai-American Cafe - Kama Sushi Review

After some time at the happiest place on earth (um, for me that would be Costco), we decided to try Kuma Sushi a few minutes away on Los Feliz Blvd., by the golf course.

It was getting a little late, we hadn't been there before - hadn't even heard anything about it - so we had no expectations. Well, it's immediately shot up to the top as having one of the best.... BURGERS I've had in L.A. - even better than Thai-American's (albeit a bit more expensive than $3.50).

I'm usually a bit leery of mixing my ethnic foods (like never get a sandwich at a Chinese restaurant), so it was quite intriguing - a burger at a sushi joint? Kuma's Kobe Burger was twelve bucks for a pretty large charbroiled burger on a HUGH ciabatta(?) bun, topped with white cheddar cheese and bacon, and served with seasoned steak fries. A little bit on the pricier side, but not outrageously so. My son and I thought our burgers and fries were beyond delicious - and I'm not a fries guy. For some strange reason my wife decided to follow convention and had one of their specialty rolls - tuna, crab, yellowtail i believe, and she was totally, totally happy with her choice. Even our Arnold Palmers were great.

It appears that Kamu Sushi has a not too limited and reasonably priced Happy Hour menu from 3-7p. We got there at about 8:30p and the place was not busy at all. We sat in the back where things were even quieter. Service was attentive - drinks automatically refilled without having to ask. There's a large flat screen TV at the front of the restaurant (this could be the bar area), but it wasn't on, so I can't comment if it adds or detracts from the experience.

I'll most likely try the sushi at Kamu at some point - it is a sushi restaurant after all... Still, it really won't make a difference how great the sushi is. Their Kobe Burger alone will keep us happily coming back. Five stars just for the burger.

Kuma Sushi
3179 Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA 90039

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  1. Sounds great (and of course counter intuitive to go to a sushi place for a burger). Did they cook them to the proper specified level of how you asked for them?

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    1. re: Servorg

      Funny you should ask. I have NO qualm sending back food if it's not prepared as I'd asked - especially if it's overcooked. My wife thought my burger did NOT look like it'd been cooked the requested medium rare. Well, it might not have looked MR, but it tasted great nonetheless - juicy and flavorful.

      I can always taste the difference if a burger or steak is cooked medium or well. Here I couldn't. And I didn't care.

      1. re: Briggs

        Now that's a good sign. If we lived in the local area I would have this on my "must try" list, for sure. Thanks for the great, houndly report.

    2. Run, don't walk to 26 Beach in Venice. Their Calif. Roll Burger is an Orgasmic experience.

      26 Beach
      3100 Washington Blvd., Venice, CA 90292

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      1. My favorite burger/sushi joint is King's Burgers in Northridge a block north of Get Shaved on Reseda Blvd. Actually it's my favorite sushi place hands down. See the sushi chef Justin.

        King's Burgers
        9345 Reseda Blvd, Northridge, CA 91324

      2. OK, it it Kama, Kuma, or Kamu?

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        1. re: cls

          That (Kuma) is a bear of a question...(and I believe it would be Kama Sutra, but I'm left unable to make Kamu out as anything but a typo) ;-D>