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Jul 28, 2010 05:59 AM

December Rehersal Dinner

Hi All,

I'm looking for a good mid-range rehersal dinner spot for an early december wedding. We'll need somewhere that can accomidate 15 or so people, that is acceptable for foodies but low key enough for those who just eat. We prefer a more modern decor and are pretty flexible on the food type. Any suggestions would be helpful!!

note - James on 8th is out since we're getting married their the next day :)

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  1. 15 people is pretty doable at most restaurants, especially with this much notice, can you maybe give us a few more criteria to narrow it down? Like the specific price range you're looking for, maybe a neighborhood, type of cuisine, whether you need easy parking...

    Without knowing those things, my recommendation would be Fond on East Passyunk Ave. If you think the cuisine won't freak people out, I'd recommend Koo Zee Doo, Kanella, and Zahav.

    1. My first thought was James before I finished reading your post!
      How about Bistrot La Minette - they have the side room that seats about 20 I think? or Le Virtu - I recall someone else posting about having a large group there that worked well.

      1. Thanks for the suggestions, we are looking at probably 100-125 per head Max, the key is to keep it quasi casual. Most of the family is staying at or near the Kimpton at 16th and sansom so ideally somewhere that is easily accessible from there. I don't mind the Rhittenhouse area but on a Friday night it can be challenging. The group ranges from 4 big foodies, my 80 year old grandfather and our minister, so mass appeal is key. :)

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          I agree with the recs of Koo Zee Doo, Kanella, Zahav, and Le Virtu. Le Virtu was the one that came to mind for me initially, especially if you want something more casual-feeling. But, if you want something a little closer, what about Estia? I've heard really good things and people on this board are always suggesting it for events.

          1. re: urbanfabric

            Staying in walking distance makes a lot of sense if people are staying downtown. Estia is a good suggestion. You also could grab a table at the downstairs area at Tinto and just ask that they bring out some straightforward dishes (they do a nice flank steak) along with everything else. Both should be within your price range, including drinks, but I feel like your money will go a bit farther at Tinto. If BYOB is ok, Branzino and Melograno should be able to accommodate you nicely and are less expensive than Estia and Tinto.

          2. re: Mrs. B

            You have some options within walking distance (unless grandfather not able to walk a few blocks)
            Parc, La Viola(BYO), La Croix, Branzino(BYO), DiBruno brothers is a specialty shop that hosts events in their upstairs space that I've heard good things about but have never been.
            I'm sure there are some more but blanking right now! Good luck.

            1. re: bonappetite

              I third the Estia idea. They have a lovely room downstairs that would be perfect (and a glass elevator to get you there).

              1. re: bluehensfan

                Fork has a private room that can acommodate about 15 people. I had a work dinner there and it was great.

          3. I also second Fork etc, the private area at Fork.....was at a event there a couple of years ago and it was excellent.