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Jul 28, 2010 04:47 AM

Presidential Visit 7/28/10

Come on fellow food geeks, how can you not love it? Even apolitical, cynical, old me can't help but smile. Obama comes to the Garden State and heads to Tastee Subs in Edison. "Umm, I'll have a whole Number 7 with everything. Oh, and a half a tuna with extra hot peppers."

"Hey you guys wanna stop at White Rose before getting back on the Turnpike?"

Tastee Sub Shop
267 Plainfield Ave, Edison, NJ 08817

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  1. Oh yeah, time for a Fat Sandwich from the Grease Trucks in New Brunswick, and Then head down to Last Legg Chicken and Waffles (Mrs. Obama owes them a visit). Then hit up Casa de Tortilla and end up at the other Tastee's :-D

    1. Shouldn't he stop somewhere for a nice thin crust pizza, Italian Hot Dog & pork roll & egg sandwich somewhere too?

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      1. re: Jerzeegirl

        If I was on his staff, I'd advise him to warm up with some dim sum up the road at Wonder Seafood.

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        1. Apparently he did order half of a #7.

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          1. re: azkaevolution

            Nope a number 5 Super and only a half.

            1. re: Eric in NJ

              Poor staff planning, If The Prez wanted to improve his image in N.J.....only one dish....TAYLOR HAM AND EGG sandwich on a hard roll!!!! I think Governor Christie has had a few.

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