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Jul 28, 2010 04:27 AM

And what about Master Chef?

Yeah I watched this too. Just realized there's an episode on opposite Top Chef tonite, will that be running 2 nites a week all the time? This was Gordon at his Kitchen Nightmares less obnoxious self. And totally pulling on the heartstrings with everyone tearing up, including me when the woman was talking about her mother dying. I find that Chicago chef funny but damn, he's one WAY overweight dude and those white eyeglasses have got to go. I think the Bastiarache (sp) dude will be the hard ass on this show. I don't know, could be okay but not sure it's DVR worthy. I'm pulling for the Korean guy at this point.

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  1. It seems to be the american idol of the cooking workl - find an unknown homecook with alot of talemt and potential. The set up was totally like AI as well, the apron was substituted for the golden ticket.

    Grahm Parker (the chef from CHicago) is the Paula Abdul of the cooking world. He liked everything, even that nasty beer soup. And, I agree, Bastianich is a total a**!!!!

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    1. re: AmblerGirl

      Graham Elliot Bowles is the Chicago chef.

      1. re: LikestoEatout

        Lord knows why but in my mind I kept confusing his name with Camilla Parker Bowles. Random. Thanks for the clarification.

        1. re: AmblerGirl

          And here I was thinking Graham Parker as in the British musician. Always did like pub rock, pub food, pub drinks...but I digress.

          1. re: AmblerGirl

            Tom Parker Bowles, the British food writer, is the son of Camilla.

      2. I just got done watching the latest season of Masterchef Australia. There its 5 episodes a week for 84 episodes. A lot of the top Chefs of the world were guest judges or involved and the contestant pool was of a very high talent level.I don't expect as much from Fox's version but will check it out this weekend.

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        1. re: chris2269

          I am completely embarrassed. The US version is more GR trash, fake fake fake fake. The British, Aussie and New Zealand versions are legit, classy, real and amazing shows. I knew he would do this to the US version.

          1. re: tobycat

            I was afraid of exactly the same thing. It seems they are trying to make Ramsay more lovable to American audiences who only know him through Hell's Kitchen. By replacing his obnoxious shtick with that of Joe Bastianich, they may succeed, but I agree the show is horribly transparent. I'll give it another crack, maybe it will be less so when they winnow out some of the contestants.

            1. re: jackbauer

              Ramsay is no more loveable than his jerk self on kitchen nightmares, and hells kitchen.

              I was sad to see he was chosen as the main host, but can't say surprised.

              and YES, every other version of Masterchef in the world is about cooking - not pulling your heart strings.

              Almost everyones "signature dish" containing sickening amounts of cheese. This show is about entertainment and the homecook, not someone who really wants to work in a kitchen. In the "prizes" all I heard about was $250,000, no cooking experience.

              This show sucks in comparison to the other Masterchefs! I hope I don't give in and waste more time watching this.

        2. I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did, and agree about pulling at the heartstrings. I got teary for that woman too, and the guy from Boston, and the mac and cheese guy. I'm curious if people really want to win this so much that it warrants all the tears (especially if part of the prize is the chance to work as a chef in a professional kitchen, I think that part would make me cry for the opposite reason); it must be nervousness, stress from all the waiting and exhaustion in there too. But it does seem excessive at times. We'll see if it gets to be too much, but for now I plan to watch it again.

          1. So far, I like this show. A bit over-emotional at times, but some of the back stories were good.

            Didn't realize there's another episode against TC tonight. I'll have to watch MC tomorrow. :-)

            I like the Korean server guy from California - he was really good at what he was doing, and the plating was beautiful.

            Agree on Joe Bastianich being the hardass in the group. The kinder, gentler (so far!) Ramsay is nice. :-)

            @ chris2269 - where did you see the MC Aussie version? Would like to watch it.

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            1. re: LindaWhit

              I watched the MC Aussie version on

              1. re: LindaWhit

                I don't watch much Gordon Ramsay, but you say this is the "kinder, gentler" "nice" Ramsay. Yikes. When he wasn't being melodramatic nice, he was being a jerk, I thought. Bastianich may be the heavy, but at least he wasn't getting personal about being mean.


                1. re: The Dairy Queen

                  Ramsay's "act" on HK (American version) is all about yelling, smashing his fist into plates of food that weren't properly prepared, calling people donkey (although I think I've only heard that once this season!). The louder the better, I guess.

                  I've seen Kitchen Nightmares U.K. version, and he's relatively nice there. I've seen "The F Word" on BBC-A once or twice, and he's very sweet there as well.

                  His jerk quotient so far on MC is probably at a 10, on a scale from 1-50. On HK, he's closer to 40-45. :-)

                  1. re: The Dairy Queen

                    Yeah, that's why I skipped 2/3 of Hell's Kitchen, the schtick (I hope it's a schtick) is obnoxious. But I have to see how it turns out and he actually seems to yell a little less at this stage of the game when only the better chefs are left. Comparatively, he's like Paula Dean on Master Chef.

                2. "Just realized there's an episode on opposite Top Chef tonite, will that be running 2 nites a week all the time?"
                  Joanie - I just checked online at TVGuide - there doesn't seem to be another ep of MC until next week - where did you see that there's another MC episode on tonight?

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                  1. re: LindaWhit

                    There was an ad on the CH web site on the right of the page. When it said 'tonite', I assumed they meant Wed. since they still had half the preliminary contestants to go. It must have been up for yesterday. That's good, I've got too much backed up already. (And does Project Runway really need to be 90 min long? Ugh.)

                    1. re: Joanie

                      LOL on Project Runway - but that's tomorrow anyway. :-)