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Jul 27, 2010 09:49 PM

East Hampton Deli's/Sandwich shops

I'm going out to East Hampton this weekend and was interested in finding an excellent sandwich shop or deli for lunch (either take out of eat in). Any recommendations??

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  1. Goldberg's in East Hampton is an old fashioned NYC deli. Or were you looking for something more unusual? The Golden Pear chain is very popular. Most delis in the Hamptons are aimed at the contractors and working men. Did you want something more upscale, or just a hearty meal?

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      I think I would prefer something more upscale- with a number of vegetarian selections and salads too.

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        Then Babettes on Newtown Lane would be perfect for you. If you want to spend a little less (still talking Hampton prices), Golden Pear has a place a few doors down from them.

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          I'd second the recommendation of Golden Pear...great iced coffee! I also really love Babette's, but I wouldn't call it a sandwich shop or deli.

    2. Easily the best deli in the area is Luigi's, in Amagansett, and Pumpernickel's (which is next door) is good as well. Both are basically across the street from Goldberg's which was also mentioned in here (and is probably the best bagel place/NY style deli in the area).

      Another great sandwich place is Breadzilla, which is in the Wainscott area near Twice Upon A Bagel. The Seafood Shop, which is also in that area, also has sandwiches and good lunch fare.

      Finally, for kind of a hidden sandwich gem, try Cavaniola's Gourmet in Sag Harbor. They don't have a lot of sandwiches to choose from, but all of them are truly excellent.

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        I can't believe I didn't think of Breadzilla, definitely try it and get some baked goods to take with you!