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Jul 27, 2010 09:05 PM

Where in SF can I buy key limes?

I've checked my usual haunts (Rainbow, the produce market by my house) but thought I'd ask here before beginning to call around. Anyone know where I can get key limes? I'm not sure if they're a year-round or seasonal thing, but as far as I can tell summer is their season so they should be around at this time. Hopefully!

Unless you're a pie expert and know I should just use bottled key lime juice to make key lime pie (my first!). In that case, where can I buy key lime juice?

Thanks so much, fellow chowhounds!

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  1. Berkeley Bowl, call first but I have seen them there recently.

    Berkeley Bowl
    2020 Oregon St, Berkeley, CA 94703

    1. i've been seeing them everywhere in the Mission right now--Duc Loi and Mi Ranchito to name two places.

      1. While most mexican markets have them...I've found them to be very uneven for baking. I'd use persian limes or nellie's bottled juice or a combination of the two.

        1. I've been buying them by the bagful at Safeway.

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            I buy mine at the produce market at 23rd and Mission. Right on the corner, about $2 a idea how many in a bag, 15? We use them for our margarita mix:-)

            1. re: Sebby

              Nice to see a post from you, Sebby, we've missed you here!

              1. re: Melanie Wong

                Key Limes:
                I stand corrected, there are 30 limes in the bag and they cost 1.79 a bag at the place on 23rd. Also, just saw the bottled stuff at BevMo, which I have used for the pies before.

                Yeah, I'm back. I dropped off forums when I became self employed :-) But, I've taken up confections and was here looking for info.

                1. re: Sebby

                  Thank you very much! I was at BevMo the other day so I picked up the bottled juice and will try that out first.

          2. El Chico on 24th had them Monday.