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Jul 27, 2010 08:02 PM

The Friend Who Has Everything

Is having a birthday. I know she loves Russian River Pinot Noir.... my budget is around $30... suggestions?

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    1. re: Steve_K

      hmm about double my buget, but thanks for playing

        1. re: janetms383

          A curve ball. McHenry's is fairly obscure. Recent vintages apparently haven't been as good as earlier vintages this decade. But it's usually thought of as an incredible value. It's from the Santa Cruz Mountains, not Russian River.

        2. re: Steve_K

          Wow... it's gone up a fair bit by the look of things! I get it for about £20 in the UK, $32 or so in todays rates

        3. Not on, but near the Russian River, in Sonoma....Wild Hog PN.

          Another nice PN for when the budget is a bit fatter....Peay Vineyards.

          1. I have been on their mailing list for so long, in spite of the fact that I've never actually bought, but I hear and read good things about their wines.
            Here it is:

            Siduri RRV Pinot Noir.

            I looked up winesearcher and saw that recent vintages are available in the mid to upper $20s

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            1. re: RCC


              freeman pinot rrv
              macphail pinot
              mi sueno pinot rrv
              scherrer pinot rrv
              de tierra pinot
              anthill farm pinot
              chasseur pinot rrv
              martninelli pinot rrv

            2. I am a novice in the area of PN, but I try to find "deals." I have also noticed that while I can SORT OF make some generalizations about PNs from given areas, those pronouncements seem a lot less solid with PN than any other widely used grapes. That said I have found two from other areas that were well under your $30 price point but mighty fine: Cambria St. Julia's Vineyard and Benton Lane...neither Russian River but both very tasty and under $20 but without the "cheap pinot" one dimensional character, at least to me.

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              1. re: tim irvine

                Benton Lane is inconsistent from the ones I've had. But when it's on it can be a great value.