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Jul 27, 2010 07:42 PM

Most varied tavern beer selection (draft and/or bottles) in Sacramento?

Hello, we are looking for a pub/tavern with a brew menu that will allow us to try a number of harder-to-find imported and domestic beers, hopefully on draft but also in the bottle. We love Pangaea Cafe, especially for its selection of Belgian beer, but one downside for us is the fact that it closes at 8pm.

We also like Hoppy Brewing Company, but we are looking for a place to try beer from around the world more than we are something brewed on site.

Are there any other great places to have a beer, preferably that stay open later at night?


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  1. Well maybe not Sacramento but the area anyway:(I am a beer guy)

    Sam Horne's Tavern. Folsom, Sutter Street. 16 great beers on tap, most local. Tons of bottled beers too, lots of specialty beers and reserved editions etc.

    The food is outstanding too. (try the Burger with peanut butter, it is to die for). Fantastic service, knowlegeable friendly staff.

    Happy hour is great too, a buck off beers, food specials etc.

    Wednesday night team trivia..
    Stays open till late too....

    1. The Flaming Grill on El Camino (near Bell) has 12 beers on tap and many more in bottles, plus some of the best burgers in Sacramento.

      1. Update: We tried The Shack and Bonn Lair last night, both within biking distance of where we live near Sac State. Both have excellent beer selections.

        The Shack also has some pretty tasty food, and the better selection, but unfortunately closes at 8 (9 on some nights).

        Bonn Lair serves until 1am during the week, and the bartenders are great. We will definitely return to both places.

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          Samuel Horne's is part of the Bonn Lair thing. Not sure how they are connected but they are.

          I believe the beer selection is greater at Hornes though...