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Nathan's Famous

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While many of us are hoping for a successful deal to bring Nathan's Famous all beef frankfurters to Ontario, with lamb casings no less, a Chowhounder davwuud brought in some samples and I was lucky to get a small package.

I grilled them slowly over a very few charcoals, until they split open and lost some of the copious fat content.

Served with herbs, Jewish style mustard, backyard tomatoes, and a few drops of Holy Habenero, these franks really snapped.

The only local frank with lambskin that I have found is Freybe's (pork) at Highland Farms, also good, for a simple summer meal.

Highland Farms
850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

Highland Farms
3300 Rutherford Rd, Vaughan, ON L4K 5Z2, CA

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