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Jul 27, 2010 06:54 PM

Pittsfield BBQ

Brief impression of Mad Jacks BBQ in Pittsfield - Based on 2 takeout encounters - Overall it is not spectacular but seems a worthy addition to downtown Pittsfield. There is not much room to eat in and it seems they are mainly going for takeout business.

Pulled pork the first time I had it was excellent, smoky and tasty, the second time was also good but not quite as good as the first. Minimal amount of sauce which is how I like it to not cover up the flavor of the meat. Brisket is decent, not the best but solid.

Cornbread was good, a sweeter style which I like. I did not like the cole slaw but that is a personal preference, I really only like the vinegary style and theirs was more creamy. Beans were not the best I have had but above average. Have not yet tried any ribs, chicken, etc.

Overall I don't know if I would make a special trip for it but they will definitely have my business for lunch when in town. Prices are reasonable too. For comparison in the county quality is comparable to Rt. 7 Grill but less expensive and I liked the pork better. Would be interested to know if anyone else has tried it and if you agree.

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  1. I've had Mad Jack's once, and I found it pretty good (though I do have to say Route 7 is my absolute favorite bbq in the Berkshires)...however I think Mad Jack's is doing good things- the owner as far as i know is a young guy, and it seems like a really honest business that it seems we should support!

    1. I work around the corner from Mad Jack's and love it for a take out lunch. Portions are generous, cornbread and sweet potato fries and collard greens are all great, as are the pies:sweet potato and bourbon pecan. Our nine year old LOVES the sweet potato pie: they took 1st & 2nd place in the pie contest at Hancock Shaker Village last year.

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        I heard there is now another new BBQ place in addition to Mad Jack's in Pittsfield. Anyone know about this -what it's called or where it is?

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          There is a soul food/bbq place that opened over the winter on Francis Ave. called Jackjack's variety.
          It's a small joint owned by a local guy.
          I haven't tried it yet.
          Berkshire eagle gave it a shout out in last week's food section BBQ article.

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            Great thanks! I'll check it out...anyone who has eaten at JackJack's --please let me know what you think. P.s. seems sort of strange to have a "madjacks" and "jackjacks" but...oh well.