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Jul 27, 2010 06:45 PM

Guarana Antarctica

Does anybody know where I can find cases or 6 packs of Guarana Antarctica Brazilian Soda? I'm not far from King of Prussia, but I am willing to travel to Philadelphia if necessary.


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  1. I asked Michael's in K of P if they could get Antarctica beer from Brazil (actually quite good) but they could not. I don't know what the status of Brazil/U.S. trade is right now but, if getting Brazilian products is as difficult as getting a Brazilian visa, don't hold your breath.

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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      The mexican grocery store near my house (La Hacienda in East Palo Alto, California) has it on their shelves, so I know it's being regularly imported. Sorry that's a bit far from your house. Mexican markets have it in the "specialty" section around here, since some central american immigrants have developed a taste for it. Next to things like the El Salvadorian cola.

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        Yeah, that's a bit of a hike, but thanks for the idea. Anybody familiar with the mexican grocery stores on 9th street below Washington or in Norristown or anywhere else locally konw anything about this?

    2. Maybe at a grocery on or near Castor Avenue? The Copacabana Brazilian Nightclub may have a suggestion on where to find it 215-722-4524. Antarctica Guarana comes to the US in both 12 oz cans and 2 liter bottles.

      1. I know it would be expensive but I googled it and I found a few sites selling it ...some out of stock but found one that had 2 12 packs left ...$20 each plus $ 10.95 in shipping.....

        1. i wonder if the cousins supermarket would carry it? i don't know for sure - just throwing that out there in case there is one by you. there are a few in north philly; i go to the one on 5th st now and then.