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Should we eat at The Grove Park Inn? (Asheville)

My wife and I are going to Asheville the end of August and are booked into GPI for a couple of nights. Was wondering if any hounds out there have tried the restaurants at the inn and, if so, are any worth the expense. (Yes, I've heard they're pricey.) Of course, any recs for other spots are welcome.

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  1. The restaurant at The Grove Park Inn is outstanding. If you are there for two nights have dinner there your last night and you won't have to leave the hotel then you can pack up the next morning and get on the road.

    Admiral is nice but Fig, Table and Red Stag are the very best. Have fun.

    Fig Bistro @ 18 Brook Street, Asheville, NC 828 - 277 - 0889.
    Table @ 48 College St., Asheville, NC 828 - 254 - 8980.
    Red Stag @ 11 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 828 - 398 - 5600.

    1. I've never had dinner at GPI, only been there for drinks. We always take out of town visitors there to have cocktails and watch the sun set and then we will go to one of the many outstanding restaurants in Asheville. I like the Admiral over Fig and Table for the food. We were there last night and it was all delicious. If you wanted something with more ambiance, I would recommend Limones or Zambra or Cucina 24.

      Cucina 24
      24 Wall Street, Asheville, NC 28801

      13 Eagle St, Asheville, NC 28801

      1. No. I wouldn't have anything there other than a cocktail on the patio, or maybe the breakfast buffet if you want to eat a lot of decent, but not great food. GPI is well know for mediocre to bad food at high prices. I love the place, I've stayed there several times even though I live 45 minutes away, and I go up there sometimes for drinks or breakfast, but I seriously wouldn't waste a lunch or dinner there. I'm not even talking about value for the money, I'm just saying what food I have had there is not good, and although I know some people who have been satisfied w/ the steaks at the Sunset Terrace, I have never heard nor read a decent review of the Horizon's restaurant.

          1. Agree with the others. You're paying mostly for location at GPI--the food isn't the star. While it's not bad, it's not worth the money you pay. If you have the bucks to throw away, a sunset dinner on the terrace is nice. But you'll get more for your money if you eat elsewhere, then go to the GPI terrace for after dinner drinks.

            1. I'll echo those who say no. And I say it with conviction. The food there is nothing special and certainly not worth the price you pay. It's VERY expensive for the quality. There are much better places in other parts of Asheville.

              1. Honestly, I think the place is great for a cocktail on the porch. They actually already add tip to every little thing you get there, so be aware of that. I thought it was Disneyworldish at best. Would never actually stay there again, unless someone wanted to pay a gzillion dollars for me to be pampered at the spa. Disappointing.

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                  An emphatic NO! Admiral, Fig, Corner Kitchen, Tupelo Honey, Mela, Zambra, Table, Bouchon....lots of great recs if you do a search.

                  Please, I beg you...NO! :)

                  Corner Kitchen
                  3 Boston Way, Asheville, NC 28803

                  Tupelo Honey Cafe
                  12 College St, Asheville, NC 28801

                2. Watch the sun set on on of the Patios and go eat somewhere else. RedStag is great also IF you go to the Biltmore dinner at Bistro or at the Inn would be nice.

                  1. My husband and I had the most extraordinary dinner there but that was several years ago.
                    On another occasion we had brunch there in a different restaurant with our sons and we have never forgotten that experience either.
                    I would love to one day go back.

                    1. The Grove Park Inn's Buffet is quite poor compared to other similar buffets and comparably-priced restaurants in Asheville. Having previously dined at the Grove Park Buffet a few years ago, we were very, very impressed with the quality of the food, atmosphere, and service. We spent this past Thanksgiving and the weekend following in Asheville and we had a wonderful time finding other great places to eat and other things to do. We will have to say: “Shame on you, Grove Park Inn Management, for doing whatever you have done to ruin a really good thing.”

                      1. The Grove Park Inn is such a great part of Asheville you should go for Sunday brunch. Who cares if the food is not outstanding. It's average. Just the beauty and ambiance of the resort is worth lunch there. If I lived in Asheville I would eat Sunday lunch or brunch there most of the time. It's just a gorgeous resort. They may use Sysco canned butter beans but there are too many positives to make up for the canned beans.

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                          Littleman, there are a lot of great parts of Asheville. Being "great" does not justify mediocre food. If people go there just for the greatness of the place, then GPI will never have any incentive to improve.

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                            My husband and I had an extraordinary meal there many years ago. The waitstaff, the food, the surroundings made for a very memorable experience. I remember thinking back then that the bar was so NOT intimate but everything else was just perfect.
                            That Sunday buffet was amazing and I knew many people from Winston-Salem who drove there just for that and the views. I am thinking this was about thirteen, fourteen years ago though.
                            My heart breaks to read the bad reviews today because I am so sentimental about the place!

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                              The Sunday buffet was horrible when we tried it. Inexcusably poor. Even with a half-price coupon, I still felt like I was completely ripped off.

                            2. A local who has eaten in every restaurant, had the buffet and eaten numerous group/conference meals (over 30+ meals there), not once have I ever had a meal comparable to value and/or taste that I couldn't have had better outside the hotel.

                              1. I ate there once. I wouldn't go back.

                                1. NO And NO Save your money Go to Nona Mio
                                  Great food