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Jul 27, 2010 05:34 PM

Food processor, kitchen aid, what do you really need?

I used my food processor for the first time yesterday to make matchtick pieces of zucchini to make zucchini pancakes. I have had the machine since my wedding 6 yrs ago! What do you use your processor for and how many times a week do you use it?

What about your kitchen aid? I use the mixer to make cookies a few times a year. Otherwise it sits in the closet.

I use a knife and a cutting board most of the time to do all my prep. I have a favorite wooden spoon and spatula and usually use the same saute pan over and over. What about you? What do you really NEED to cook and bake?

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  1. Depending on the quantity of prepped food I need, shredded or chopped veggies, dips, sauces, salsas, purees, whatever, I find I use the food processor a few times a week. For cutting up a few onions, zucchini or tomatoes, I get the knife out. I really like the food processor, but need the knife and cutting board. If forced to choose, the knife and cutting board are indispensible, the FP is not. I have my favorite wooden spoons and pans, but that what I use has more to do with what I'm cooking rather than that I like that particular pan or spoon.

    As for a stand mixer, haven't had one in years and do lots of baking without one. I do have a hand mixer which sees alot of action. Perhaps you could send me your KA??;-D I think I could find many uses for it.

    1. I use my KA much more than my food processor. I love the KA for baking which I do a lot of but I also have the meat grinder attachment which is fantastic. I love being able to control exactly what goes into my ground meats.

      The food processor seems like more of a pain than it is worth although maybe it is just what I make that makes it seem that way. I have a great set of knives and it seems like less trouble to just use them for my prep. Also the cleanup is easier.

      1. I love my food processor & use it for much as I like my Kitchenaid, I have a hand mixer that is easier to pull out than the stand mixer so it gets used much more. Give me a chef's knife and a cutting board and I'm good if I need to improvise.

        1. I use both my Cuisinart (about 17 years old) and my Kitchenaid (maybe 7 yrs old) frequently. The main uses for the FP are grating large quantities (if it's just one zucchini, I use a box grater), mixing pie dough, or pureeing large quanties of things that need a uniform texture. I use the KA for whipping cream (hate doing that with a hand mixer for some reason) and mixing cakes and cookies, which I bake a couple of times a week. I usually do bread dough by hand and beat egg whites with a whisk.

          1. keep them out on the counter and you'll find a lot of uses for them. when they're put away, it is easy to just say "to heck with it," i'll just do it by hand or do without."

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              That is so true. I just rearranged my kitchen cabinets and did put the food processor out on the counter next to KA and I am hopeful that it will inspire me to use it more.

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                i would've made a nice batch of cole slaw yesterday if i'd had the processor on the counter (i have such limited space). i am going to rearrange things and get my own out on the counter -- that and the blender (fruit smoothies are great for the summer), and i would've had it out for my chimichurri that i want with some beef.

                i use my handy chopper for lots of things, but it can only do a limited amount of tasks for a small volume of food.

              2. re: alkapal

                So true, if I consider buying anything it would probably be a processor which can do things like grate cheese or potatoes/veg. I just think that would really come in handy.

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                  I think you're right; I got along pretty well when I was limited to just 5 items to move around with when I was itinerant, but now that I have a stand mixer, blender and food processor, I only use what's right in front of me. It is only when I am cooking in quantity that I think, "Hmm, this would be a lot easier if I brought the food processor" out.

                  The stand mixer, however, gets plenty of use in cooler weather when I bake more often.

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                    Agreed. My stand mixer is on the counter. FP is in a cabinet right below where I use it, on the top shelf in the front. The bowl sits beside the mechanical part. Very easy to get out and put away.