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Jul 27, 2010 05:21 PM

cow or goat share for milk?

Does anyone know of a farm around San Diego county from which you can be part of a cow (or goat) share as a way around the raw milk laws???

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  1. I keep hearing of this for some goat farm, but the people never seem to respond with the name of it. I would love to get in on this for making cheese.

    1. I have no details, but I've heard there is a natural food store in Ramona that sells raw goat milk. Supposedly, the guy who runs the store also has information on buying a share of a goat, which includes a certain amount of milk every month?

      I've also seen raw cow's milk at the Henry's in Poway.

      1. You should try to contact Peter Zien (from AleSmith Brewery). One of his hobbies is cheesemaking and he mentioned at one of his presentations that you can get raw milk (goat/cow) in SD.

        1. Go to the Farmers Market and ask some of the farmers if they have cattle or goats.

          I have had Goats Milk Ice Cream from La Milpa Organica. They are at the Hillcrest Farmers Market accross from Jackies Jams.

          1. There are many folks with dairy goats in San Diego County and many will have surplus milk part or all of the year. The problem is it is illegal to sell raw goat milk (or so I’ve been told) for human consumption. Any milk that is sold, that isn’t from a certified dairy must be marked “not for human consumption”.

            That being said you might post a wanted add on Craigslist for raw goat or cow milk. Many people drink goat milk that is marked not for human consumption, they just need to make sure the milk is processed properly and that they are satisfied with the way the milk has been handled. Often people will say that all their milk is handled as if they will be drinking it themselves. Goat milk usually goes for about $8-$10 per gallon. Of course a farm share or milk share is one way around the law but you may have trouble finding that in San Diego.

            We milk our goats and bring the milk in immediately and filter it into ball jars and then chill it immediately in ice water for a few hours before putting it in the fridge. We’ve been giving it all to an orphaned horse the last few months, but he left yesterday, so I will get to start making cheese again soon.

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            1. re: Honeymoon Ranch

              Does that mean you will have milk that you would be willing to sell? (Not for my consumption, of course....!)

              1. re: kudru

                Maybe you should ask if it's free, then give the farm a 'donation' .

                1. re: cstr

                  While some people have reservations about unpasteurized milk, I want it for making cheese. The milk is safe if the cheese is cured for 60 days. If anyone finds a goat share place or if Honeymoon Ranch is willing to part with a few gallons, please let me know!