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Jul 27, 2010 04:57 PM

Biberach, Germany: + surrounding area

So - we will be living in the Biberach area for a few months......any foodie suggestions.
We will have a car and will travel quite a bit on weekends!

Flying in/out of Frankfurt so foodie recs for that city and the drive down to Biberach would be appreciated as well !

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  1. You are in for a unique treat. Biberach couldn't be more ideally suited for exploring some of the best Germany has to offer. You will be centrally located between the Baden wine regions and the Schwartzwald. You will be convenient to the mecca of German dining: Baiersbronn, where you can visit Harald Wolfahrt's Swartzwaldstube (if you can get a reservation) as well as Bareiss and Schlossberg. This is world class dining not just the best in Germany. You will also be close enough to Strasbourg to visit it's great restaurants easily.

    However, locally, you should visit the village of Lahr about five miles away in the Briesgau region of Baden where The Adler is a one-star restaurant with surprisingly affordable menus.

    Next in the village of Durbach about 15 miles away north of Offenburg in the Ortnau region is another one-star Wilder at the Hotel Ritter. They also have a stube and keller for local more affordable dining. Another local restaurant in Durbach of note is Rebstock.

    Closer to Baden Baden is the village of Neuweier where Schloss Neuweier offers one-star Italian accented dining and a good winery. Also in Neuweier is the Alde Gott.

    Going south of Biberach and to the west of Freiburg is the Kaiserstuhl region of Baden with Badens best wineries. It can be crowded and there are many touristy places especially in places like Ihringen, however there is one place Holzofele which is worth visiting.

    In the commune of Vogtsburg is the village of Oberbergen which houses the Schwartzer Adler a one star restaurant/winery and hotel. Great food and tremendous cellar. They also have a less formal restaurant Rebstock across the street which shares the cellar. In the village of Oberrotweil I suggest the Zum Kaiserstuhl.

    Travelleing between Frankfurt and Baden will bring you in proximity to many good places like the Pfalz region with great wineries and restaurants. Also in and near Heidelburg there are many great places. If you need suggestions in these areas just ask.

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