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Jul 27, 2010 04:48 PM

Japanese meshi/rice dishes in DFW?

We recently ate at Musha in Santa Monica, CA. They had a couple of rice dishes that were incredible. I'm on a search to see if there's anything like it in Dallas.

Here are the descriptions:

Takana Meshi: chopped mustard leaf pickles, stirfried to seasoned it then mixed with steamed rice, shiso leaf & mitsuba leaf, and grilled with hot stone bowl. topped with a sprinkle of shredded "nori" seaweed.

Char - Han: hot & spicy typhoon fried rice, prepared with ground pork, thai chili, bamboo short, ginger, garlic & tokyo leek, then mixed with stirfried egg & rice. finished with touch of fish sauce. topped with cilantro & red ginger

Salmon Yakioni: hot steamy rice mixed with grilled salmon flakes and shiso leave, shaped in triangle ball, then grilled until crispy with spray of soy sauce. comes 2 pieces per order

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  1. I'm going to be following your post because those dishes sound delicious. I really miss the fabulous variety of food in Southern California. I've been growing my own daikon sprouts on my balcony since I can't even find such a simple ingredient as that around here.

    1. Thought I was pretty versed in wa shoku, but a few of those dishes are new to me. I have had that particular yaki onigiri made special for me at my favorite DFW locale and will make an inquiry for you on the others.

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        Well I guess we had a slight communication issue - lol. I was inquiring about takana meshi, and then ended up eating it for the next several nights. Apparently you can buy takana (pickled mustard leaf) at most Asian grocery stores. You just chop it up and either eat it with or mixed into steamed rice. The variation I preferred mixes grated ginger and soy sauce into the chopped takana and this is then eaten with rice. Simple, yet good. I liked it.