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Jul 27, 2010 04:25 PM

Firefly vodka

I just discovered this last week- bought some- mixed it with simply lemonade- just got home and weighed- YIKES- searched the calories- WOW it is so fattening!!!

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  1. Are you saying you weighed yourself and you are heavier just from drinking Firefly?

    1. Sugar in both ingredients and a light can't-taste-the-booze taste? Yup -- high calories and lots of consumption.

      Try switching to something with less (or no) sugar and stronger taste, so that you drink it more slowly. A nice single malt scotch neat would be perfect.

      It's not uncommon for my wife to ask for "something that's not too good" so that she will savor it. Unfortunately her tastes are broadening about as fast as I can come up with good challenging drinks. She now like bourbon drinks. I'm still pretty save with anything from the isle of Islay. An more than about 1/2 oz of Fernet will slow her down. Man, this is fun!

      1. It's nasty stuff! But is selling like crazy. I was chatting with the rep and sales staff last week and they said sales were incredible.

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          I don't care for the taste of it on its own, but mixed with lemonade, you can't taste any booze at all, so it is quite dangerous

          1. re: roro1831

            the weight dropped off now since I'v ebeen home 3 days but it's 66 calries for 1 oz and the lemonade is 120 calories for 8 oz- I just need to get the Crystal light lemonade-I like it - better than beer but it is dangerous since you can't really taste it