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Jul 27, 2010 02:12 PM

Induction Cookware - NOT All Clad

I am thinking of getting an induction cook top and wanted to first make sure that I could find cookware that I liked. All Clad's handles just are not angled correctly for me. Any ideas or experiences? Thanks!

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  1. Tramontina Tri-ply cookware - available at Walmart ( and walmart online). I have bought two sets and a couple of open stock pieces. All induction ready and you will find many threads here on the superior quality of Tramontina in general.

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    1. re: knet

      I second knet on Tramontina tri-ply.

      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        Uh, this may have been debated before..but are you sure the Tramontina 4 QT saucepan is induction capable? It looks like a newer tri-ply but in the Q&A down the page some say it is and some say it isn't.

        1. re: Chipped Ham

          I can only say that each piece of Tramontina I have ( 12 at this point) is induction ready.

          1. re: Chipped Ham

            My understanding is that the older version of Tramontina cookware are not magnetically inducible, while the newer ones are. There are some older pieces flowing around and you may be unlucky get hold of an older piece. Neverthless, Tramontina will replace any non-inducible cookware.

      2. There are many many lines of induction-ready cookware these days. Every manufacturer of stainless cookware seems to claim that their products can be used on any cooking surface including induction. You should have no problem finding whatever you want at whatever price point you want.

          1. Sitram seems to work quite well for my induction hob, without the silly handles All-Clad can't seem to get right. Bonus: pouring lips on the saucepans! what kind a idiots design all clad saucepans with no lips.

            1. There's lots now. I personally have All-Clad (I can work with the handles), Vollrath and LeCreuset. If you don't need clad or enameled cookware, there's those carbon-steel pans that one of the non-stick threads was mentioning as well as cast iron. Those two should be the least expensive.