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Jul 27, 2010 01:57 PM

Breakfast in Gulfport or BIloxi

I'll be driving from New Orleans to Miami and would love a good breakfast spot somewhere along I-10, either in or around Gulfport, Biloxi, or elsewhere within an hour or two of New Orleans. Thanks.

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  1. Ole Biloxi Schooner on Hoard. Take I 110 S to Howard and go back to E. It's closer to I 10 than Phoenicia or Bayview. Phoenica Gourmet in Ocean Springs is good too. Bayview is also good.

    Ole Biloxi Schooner @ 871 Howard Ave., Biloxi, MS 228 - 435 - 8071.
    Phoenicia Gourmet Cuisine @ 123 Government St., Ocean Springs, MS. 228 - 875 - 0603.
    Bayview Gourmet @ 1010 Robinson St., Ocean Springs, MS. 228 - 875 - 4252.

    1. Try Boomtown for breakfast, much lager selection and much better grub than the local dives. Sorry but you dont wanna pay 4 star prices for 2 star food at the local establishments!