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Jul 27, 2010 01:52 PM

Monforte's haloumi - midweek fix

I have officially become addicted to Monforte's haloumi. I've been buying it The Brickworks but can't make it there this week-end - can I buy it somewhere else during the week?

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  1. Yes! Monforte has a stand at the mini-Evergreen market at the Bay Adelaide centre on Thursdays, 11am - 2pm.

    Agree about the halloumi, it's really good.

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      They're also at the Sick Kids' market as well. Or they were last week, at any rate.

    2. They're also at Trinity Bellwoods market on Tuesdays.

      1. Thanks all - does anyone sell the cheese retail if I can't make it out to one of the markets? Oh, and what's the Sick Kids market?

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          This page on the Monforte site contains a list of all the markets they sell at


          At some point they will probably get back to selling some of their product through retailers but I believe for the time being they are focused on markets.

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            Sick Kids' Market = It's a farmer's market that runs Tuesday AM's on the circular drive of the Hospital. They're one of the booths there. More info: http://www.my-market.ca/

            Note: they don't always have everything at their market stands, I find.

          2. here's Monforte's schedule for various markets in the GTA and SW ON. http://www.monfortedairy.com/monforte...

            AFAIK, Monforte products are sold at most Alex Farm locations, but you might want to call first to check whether they have Monforte halloumi in stock. http://www.thejewelsoffood.com/index....

            1. also may be found at east lynn farmer's market on Thursday. not sure if the haloumi is there though