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Jul 27, 2010 01:31 PM

Gross lunch at Laterna on Yonge St.

I had dinner at this place several years ago and remember enjoying the homemade pita bread that was served with the chicken souvlaki.
When I recently returned, I was disguested by the stuffy smell of toilet water in the dining room. The food was overcooked, tasteless and I paid almost double than what I would have if I went to the Danforth!
Absolutely disgusting and I will NEVER be back.
I should have trusted my first instinct and walked out.
I will not recommend this place to anyone.

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  1. Usually when I used to go there, the pizza and souvlaki were pretty darn good. Once I ordered spagetti and meatballs and the whole thing tasted like tin and cinnamon. I told the female proprietor. She said:
    "you know how many of those I sold today?"
    Her defensive attitude was enough for me to not want to rush back. That place is played out.

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    1. re: food face

      Yeah it used to be great. The neptune salad was to die for. Last time I was there, everything was terrible.

      1. re: food face

        Agree as well, they used to have a to die for lasagna, now everything is horrible.