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Hershey's & Nestle's Milk Chocolate.....

don't do it for me anymore. The last few times I have had them, they have no flavor whatsoever! Dark chocolate is ok but I am really a milk chocolate kinda guy. What other brands are out there and where can I find them? Also just reading about an ingredient in Hershey's and Cadbury called PGPR that replaces cocoa butter....is that why hershey's doesn't taste the same anymore.

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  1. if you can get English Cadbury's or any other English chocolate you will taste the difference. Try finding a British food store near where you live or online. I cannot eat US made Cadbury's it just tastes all wrong. As for Hershey's I just don't get it.

    1. It's owned by Hershey's now, so I don't know if the ingredients has changed, but the Scharffenberger milk chocolate use to be quite tasty.

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        yes they are but chocolate proportions and milk content and fat content are different in the UK. I don't believe they would change any recipes - Cadburys is a very succcessful brand. Might have to pay a visit to the Brit store this weekend!

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          the Hershey made "Cadbury's" is, unfortunately, nothing like the real thing. The Brit stores are the only answer.

      2. If you're near a TJ's they have a "classic" chocolate bar that looks much like a Hersheys, available in both milk and dark chocolate, that I think is pretty good.

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            Yes. I keep Lindt bars for baking, but then sometimes don't have any left when it's time to bake. Ooops.

          2. Ghiradelli is quite good and often on sale at my local CVS.

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              Forgot about Trader Joes, Lindt and Ghiradelli...thanks!

            2. I prefer dark, but for milk I like Droste.

              1. Nestle is better, IMO, but that is damning by faint praise - they are both horrible.
                I've been buying a cheap brand called E. Wedel. It's possibly a European import, but I can get them cheaper than Hershey/Nestle bars I think for the price, this brand is way up on the list. Nestle and Hershey are basically brown, sweet wax.

                If you can find them, try one. I think the milk chocolate is fantastic for the price. I just looked up the wiki entry:

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                  All of the E. Wedel chocolates are very good. I was first given them by a colleague who brought them back from Poland.

                2. I'd suggest looking for Ritter Sport - Ritter makes a huge variety of bars with all sorts of things (nuts, crackers, cornflakes, yogurt...) but they do sell a solid chocolate bar which I haven't tried, but the milk chocolate in the bars of theirs that I have tried is really, really good. Way better than Hershey's or Nestle.

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                    Second Ritter Sport -- that was my first thought. Around where I live (Boston) they are easy to find. I'm not really a milk chocolate person (I've tried TJ's, Dove, Lindt and Ghirardelli and find them all too sweet) but I will happily eat Ritter Sport.

                  2. My favorite right now is Dove. I looked on the box and it's says it's made by Mars Canada. Do you guys have Dove in the States? Or even Mars for that matter?

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                      Yes, we have Dove bars (and Dove ice cream bars (yum!)). We also have Mars bars and M&M's among other things are made by Mars.

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                        Actually, Dove Candies was a Chicago candy shop with legendary chocolates. Then they expanded into making ice cream sold at the candy shop. (This was maybe in the 1970s or so.) Then they made a "spare no expense" ultra high quality vanilla ice cream bar covered with the store's homemade chocolate. It was something you could only get if you went to the store.

                        The next thing I knew (maybe in the early to mid 1980s), they had gone national and you could get their terrific ice cream bars anywhere. I'll bet that Dove Candies sold its operation to Mars around this time.

                      2. I think I read something awhile ago whereby hershey's chocolate was going to be made somewhere else now, I think Mexico. maybe that's what happened.

                        Googled, found this: http://citizen.typepad.com/eyesontrad...

                        I also found this - I remember reading something about this, and that's when I quit buying Hershey bars:
                        In September 2008, MSNBC reported that several Hershey chocolate products were reformulated to replace cocoa butter with vegetable oil as an emulsifier. According to the company, this change was made to reduce the costs of producing the products instead of raising their prices or decreasing the sizes. Some consumers complained that the taste was different, but the company stated that in the company-sponsored blind taste tests, approximately half of consumers preferred the new versions. As the new versions no longer meet the Food and Drug Administration's definition of "milk chocolate", the changed items were relabeled from stating they were "milk chocolate" and "made with chocolate" to "chocolate candy" and "chocolaty."[

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                          Hershey has been doing that for a long time, unfortunately. There's a reason why it was originally called a "Hershey Bar" rather than a chocolate bar -- back when you had to have (I believe) 15%+ cocoa beans in your bar to be called chocolate -- rather than the new, much lobbied for, version where you only need 10% cocoa to be considered a chocolate bar.

                        2. Wilbur Chcocolates is a company out of Pennsylvania, famed for their Wilbur Buds, supposedly the precursor to Hershey's Kisses. I find them soooo much better than Hershey's. I know I can get them here in Philly at a place called Nuts to You, but you can also order them directly from source. They are wonderful, but highly addictive.

                          I also have friends who bring chocolate back from Germany & Switzerland when they travel. To die for.

                          1. I have tried a brand called Green & Black 34% cacao organic milk chocolate and so far like that much better than hershey. Not waxy at all and nice chocolate flavor.

                            1. I second the recommendation of Dove, though I prefer their dark. To me, the Dove has a silky texture far superior to other massmarket chocolates and it's widely available, even in supermarkets and drugstores.

                              In premium specialty (pricier) American chocolates, Ghirardelli and yes, Godiva both get my okay.

                              For imports, Droste and Lindt both taste great to me.
                              I believe Lindt makes those tasty Lindor truffles.

                              And Ritter Sport makes a good chocolate with marzipan filling.

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                                I love the lindor milk chocolate truffles!