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Jul 27, 2010 01:07 PM

Hershey's & Nestle's Milk Chocolate.....

don't do it for me anymore. The last few times I have had them, they have no flavor whatsoever! Dark chocolate is ok but I am really a milk chocolate kinda guy. What other brands are out there and where can I find them? Also just reading about an ingredient in Hershey's and Cadbury called PGPR that replaces cocoa that why hershey's doesn't taste the same anymore.

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  1. if you can get English Cadbury's or any other English chocolate you will taste the difference. Try finding a British food store near where you live or online. I cannot eat US made Cadbury's it just tastes all wrong. As for Hershey's I just don't get it.

    1. It's owned by Hershey's now, so I don't know if the ingredients has changed, but the Scharffenberger milk chocolate use to be quite tasty.

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        yes they are but chocolate proportions and milk content and fat content are different in the UK. I don't believe they would change any recipes - Cadburys is a very succcessful brand. Might have to pay a visit to the Brit store this weekend!

        1. re: smartie

          the Hershey made "Cadbury's" is, unfortunately, nothing like the real thing. The Brit stores are the only answer.

      2. If you're near a TJ's they have a "classic" chocolate bar that looks much like a Hersheys, available in both milk and dark chocolate, that I think is pretty good.

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            Yes. I keep Lindt bars for baking, but then sometimes don't have any left when it's time to bake. Ooops.

          2. Ghiradelli is quite good and often on sale at my local CVS.

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              Forgot about Trader Joes, Lindt and Ghiradelli...thanks!