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Jul 27, 2010 12:35 PM

Opinions please

I'm being taken out for lunch/dinner for a personal milestone. I have a choice between Prime Grill and Le Marais in NYC. I haven't eaten at either place, so I'd appreciate any opinions/comparisons. Oh, btw, I'm not paying for it, so THAT'S not an issue. <g>


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  1. Prime Grill all day for me.

    1. Both can be noisy (Le Marais is a bit quieter if you can get seated upstairs), but Prime Grill has better food. I'd vote Prime Grill.

      1. Prime Grill is generally nicer and a little better, though both are noisy, as GilaB mentioned. The difference isn't enough for me to ever pay for PG, but if someone else has no problem paying the difference, go for it.

        1. I love both but I will add my voice to the chorus - Prime Grill and is you can go on a Thursday the Black Angus special - my personal favorite

          1. Prime Grill. You'll have fun and eat good food.