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Jul 27, 2010 12:02 PM

Simple method of preparing sweet potatoes

I am finally going to serve sweet potatoes for the first time. I have several recipes but I think I want to serve them fairly simply for the first time.

I can bake them and serve them with butter or I could cube them, roast them and put maple syrup over them as they roast.

Any ideas? The only memory I have of them is candied yams with marshmallows...yuk (shutters)!

I don't think I want to mash them this time. However, I am going to be serving them a lot over the next few weeks while I determine my favorite way to serve them.

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  1. Cube them and roast them. If you roast them on a sheet lined with parchment, all that caramelized roasted goodness will stay with the cubes and not stuck to the pan. Mix the maple syrup with browned butter.

    1. I like them just baked in their skins and then topped with butter, brown sugar and dried chipotle. and lots of grey salt.

      1. If you bake them long enough, their natural sweetness caramelizes and there is no need for anything more than salt and pepper, and a little butter. I have microwaved whole sweet potatoes but that alone does not caramelize them. You then need to brown them on the stovetop with some butter in a frying pan. With regular potatoes, it works well to cook them at least halfway in the microwave, then finish them in a hot oven to get a nice crisp skin. I have not tried this with sweet potatoes because I don't care for their skins so I don't know if a briefer oven time will sweeten them the way a full oven bake does.

        1. Roasted on high heat, whole potato, for an hour--you get great caramelized bits and can just eat it plain.

          1. Toss with chili powder, salt and vegetable oil. Roast until brown and crispy, then squirt a little lime juice over them and serve.