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Jul 27, 2010 11:39 AM

Dewey Sq Farmer's Mkt 7/27/10 = Baker's market(?)

As I emerged from South Station just after noon I passed by the farmer's market on my way to the Financial district. I didn't have much time to stop but I lingered long enough to notice that there were roughly twice as many bakeries than farms with booths. I'm used to one or two bakers but more than 2x as many as farms? I love baked goods as much as anyone on this earth but I thought that was odd for a "farmer's market".

Supply and demand perhaps, but I also noticed the relatively few farm stands were more crowded and one had a line of 7 people deep just at the cashier. Has anyone else noticed this at Dewey Square? Is it like this every week?

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  1. I go there every few weeks. I think last time I noticed 3 bakeries that were only bakeries, and roughly 4 fresh produce stands. However, there are other vendors that sell things such as fresh ravioli, and other food products. I have a feeling that it's a little bit of a pain for the produce farms and due to being downtown they don't have as many shoppers loading up with 10 ears of corn and 5 pounds of tomatoes -- in other words, I think the mix is very appropriate for that location. When I go I usually buy one loaf of bread and then $5 - 20 worth of fresh produce. Remember also that there are not that many residential areas real close to South Station.