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Jul 27, 2010 11:08 AM

Farragut North Veggie Burrito Truck

I love the veggie burrito truck that is usually parked at Farragut North. It's not there today, and there is a sidewalk shed at his usual spot. Has he moved? Is he on vacation?

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  1. I haven't seen him either, but there is a lot of scaffolding going up around there - so he may be seeing how that plays out.

    Don't forget "Farragut Fridays" at the Park - DC Slices, Floridian, and the dessert truck are all there at lunch as well!

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    1. re: tommyskitchen

      Hmm I usually work from home on Fridays. DC Slices sounds interesting. What's the dessert truck? What kind of stuff do they have?

      1. re: SimonF - They have cupcakes and other treats (Im not much of a dessert person but she always looks busy)

    2. He was there on Wednesday - my coworkers sat and ate their yummy looking burritos during our staff meeting.

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      1. re: daphy

        Oooh good news. Thanks! Mean of your coworkers to not get you one...

        1. Yep, had a burrito from him yesterday. I really think he's as good as Pedro & Vinny's.

          1. The Post ran a nice photo of Carlos Guadardo, the guy who runs this burrito stand, a few years back. Carlos has a lot of family obligations and doesn't always keep a regular schedule: