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Jul 27, 2010 11:04 AM

Edmonton RROTM - August discussion

Something to ask you all: do you want to really keep doing RROTM? It doesn't seem like there is much participation from month to month. I know I'm as guilty as anyone else of not participating as I should.

Time to choose a new restaurant for August! Here is the current suggestion list. Anyone have any preferences to remove or add restaurants?

Tao Signature
Kamil's Turkish Cafe
Vita Bella

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  1. anonymoose:

    Thanks for doing this but in answer to your primary question I think you can see from the less than overwhelming response that the summer may not be the best time to pursue this effort.

    I know I usually "end up" in the same CFD spots that I regularly go to rather than dining out...mind you that has been the case for some time now as I probably know more about the restaurants in Victoria and Calgary than I do Edmonton given that we holiday or take a break at the first two and end up dining more often there than here.

    Apart from Furusato which I used to go when I lived on Sask Drive and CoCoDi which I tried at their previous Rice Howard Way location before the fire have been to any of the above but do not expect to get to the others this month.

    Maybe once the fall and winter unfortunately return...........

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      Hmm maybe we should skip August and do September instead....

    2. Ok I am going to make an executive decision, since no one else is contributing to the conversation, to put RROTM on hold for August and see what the interest is again in September.