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Jul 27, 2010 10:52 AM

Vegan--- in Bethesda and Dupont Circle

Please point out some vegan restos in both Bethesda and Dupont Circle. And if there is such a thing, restos known for vegan dishes that the rest of us non vegans might like too.

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  1. Au Pain Quitidien in Bethesda- I am not so sure if it is vegan, but lots of only-veggie options and non-veggie, too.

    1. You might be able to find some vegan options in Dupont at Pizzeria Paradisio (obviously pizza and a great beer selection) or Heritage India (great Indian food. The spinach with corn is my favorite dish).

      Of course you might want to call ahead to make sure they can accommodate your dietary needs.

      Also in Adams Morgan at Asylum, on the weekends they serve a vegan brunch.

      Heritage India
      2400 Wisconsin Ave NW Ste A, Washington, DC 20007

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      1. re: Elyssa

        Um, I would stay far away from Pizza Paradisio if you are vegan. They don't have any soy cheese options nor an extended menu of vegan options.

        All in Dupont unless noted:

        You can check out Cafe Green on 17th St. A vegetarian restaurant with many vegan options. Another option would be next door at Agora, a Turkish tapas establishment. They have quite a few veggie options.

        SweetGreens in both Dupont and Bethesda have a lot of vegan options for their salads and sandwiches and sides that are atypical at most fast casual places: roasted tofu, spicy kale, quinoa and interesting/local ingredients among the other typical salad/sandwich add ins.

        Rice in Logan has some vegan options, a "nice" Thai restaurant.

        Au Pain Quitidien has quite a few vegan options, and always one vegan soup, which is usually very good.

        Raku, Thai Chef and Thaiphoon have typical vegan options. Lauriol Plaza surprisingly has a lot of vegan options.

        Lauriol Plaza
        1835 18th St NW, Washington, DC 20009

        2011 S St NW, Washington, DC 20009

        Thai Chef
        1712 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009

        1. re: spinachandchocolate

          Sorry---not a vegan (or anything close to it) so I totally forgot about the cheese issue. I guess pizza is probably a bad recommendation.

          Perhaps you can find some good thai though at Regent Thai.

          1. re: spinachandchocolate

            Pizzeria Paradiso now has daiya cheese available.

            Sweetgreen, Cava Mezze, Raku, and Le Pain are good options, as well.

            Jaleo and Lebanese Taverna are workable.

        2. Rice Paddies Grill in Bethesda has vegan Pho and the traditional stuff for the carnivores. Spring Mill Bread company has vegan soups at lunch time. Rock Creek, Jaleo, and Lebanese Taverna have many vegetarian options, but you'll have to speak with them if everything is vegan.

          Rock Creek
          4917 Elm Street, Bethesda, MD 20824

          1. More in Bethesda:
            - Across the street from Sweetgreen is Organic to Go, which also has good vegan salad ingredients (tofu, edamame, chickpeas, etc) (I like it better than Sweetgreen because it's not as complicated & usually not as crowded).
            - Ali Baba's Falafel truck, outside of the Farm Women's Market on Wisc. Ave.
            - At the various Japanese restaurants you can easily put together a vegan sushi/app. assortment - age dofu, inari, cucumber, pickle, edamame, etc.

            1. At most restaurants, you are out of luck. At Jaleo, a vegan can enjoy the following dishes with no alteration:

              Spinach with raisins and apples
              grilled asparagus with romescu sauce
              sauteed mushrooms
              patatas bravas - potato in a spicy tomato sauce (but you have to ask them to leave off the aioli topping)
              paella (vegetable and mushroom version)
              wrinkled baby potatoes

              They put cheese in several cold/salad dishes. You can ask them to leave out the cheese, add more of the featured ingredient (like beets or endive, depending on the salad) and it won't change the flavor really, just take way some protein. You could also go for the fried artichokes and instead of the tapenade (has anchovies), ask them to mix in their sublime marinated olives.

              The problem will be the expectations of the vegan eater. They can't subsist on salads, and side dishes are not meant to stand on their own, so they eventually need to find restaurants that will give them proteins in a vegan form. But for one dinner, Jaleo is eating vegan without compromise to flavor.

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              1. re: Steve

                Actually, many vegan salads do have protein in them that is enough for a meal. If there are nut or certain grains, you definitely get protein. Often people think they need a lot more protein than they actually do. Any asian place you can find lots of vegan dishes as well.