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Jul 27, 2010 10:42 AM

Kosher Caterers for Wedding-CT Coast/Southern RI

Can anyone recommend a good kosher caterer for a wedding for a kosher reception that will go to the CT coast/ southern RI border? I've heard of a perfect taste and Daniel's Gourmet Kosher caterer. Anyone know about these caterers or others?

We're looking for very "modern" fare that our non- kosher eating guests would not guess is kosher.


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  1. I think Tova's catering in MA caters in RI. www. tovascatering.com

    1. My wedding was catered by Abel Caterers out of New Haven. I would give them a call. I think they do lots of work across Connecticut. They do kosher and non-kosher. The food was delicious. http://www.acicateringgroup.com/

      1. By far the most innovative caterer in the area is Divine Providence Catering. You can see menus and pictures on their site: www.divineprovidencecatering.com

        Don't know about A Perfect Taste, but I am pretty sure Daniel's lost their kosher certification recently.

        Hope this helps.