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Jul 27, 2010 09:58 AM

Not Exactly True to the Forum....

This past Friday on ride back from Galveston a friend and I stopped by Frobergs Farmers Market in Alvin. It was late in the day and the selection was not that great but I did pickup a cantelope, pineapple, and a few peaches. I noted while in there that much of their produce had Del Monte or other labels on it which lead me to wonder if there are still any 'true' farmers markets? I've not been to the big market which I think was on Airline in many decades and was wondering if it was still true to form? A google search also turned up a hit or two just inside the loop, but nothing in the Richmond, Rosenberg, Wharton areas. Tell me Hounds, where can a person go to buy really good produce other than Central Market or Whole Foods in a farmers market type atmosphere?

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  1. Not sure what you mean by your topic title but it's perfectly acceptable to talk about grocery shopping in Houston on this forum.

    Here are some recent threads on farmer's markets:

    One thing I like about Froberg is that what actually is locally grown is clearly marked on the signs (at least has been when I've been there). Anything not marked as locally grown I take to be just that.

    Yes Canino's is still in operation. Not a true farmer's market either and I've seen very little that they actually claim is local (in the big warehouse space up front, the stalls to the back may be quite a different story) but note the name of the place is Canino's Produce market, not Canino's Farmer's Market - it's really a wholesale supplier, not a grower's market place.

    Some of the others mentioned in those threads are 'true' farmer's markets.

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      Thanks Dex! I'd seen the first and third threads you linked but somehow missed the second one. Good stuff!
      The Cali Peaches I picked up last weekend were fantastic. The Cantalope so-so, and the pineapple edible, but nothing to write home about.

    2. If you get up near Hempstead, Dilorio Farms is a favorite stop of ours with lots of local produce.