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Jul 27, 2010 09:54 AM

Fresh, local, casual food in Calgary

We are flying into Calgary on a Saturday night in late August. Plane is supposed to get in around 6:30pm. Any thoughts on where to get a nice dinner with local, fresh and possibly organic food? I say casual because we don't want to dress up. But I'd like somewhere with a knowledable chef since I have celiac and want to be somewhere that is also knowlegable on this. Fancy food is not a requirement, just fresh and delicious. Any part of the city is fine since we haven't made our hotel reservation yet. And since it could take a couple hours to get through customs, get the car, check-in to hotel, etc...somewhere that doesn't close too early.


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  1. Una Pizza! They have gluten-free pizzas, are open until 1AM every night, and the food is magnificent.

    , New York, AB , USA

    1. For restaurants that emphasize locally-sourced ingredients, check out this thread:

      And, as an aside, has a list of Celiac-friendly restaurants, and another one for stores (like bakeries).

      1. What is your price range? If you can afford it, the River Cafe is nice.

        It seems there's no expectation that you dress up when going out in Calgary. You can wear shorts and flip-flops just about everywhere.

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        1. re: 23skidoo

          If you wear shorts and flip-flops at Rush or Catch, be prepared to feel monstrously conspicuous. Calgarians don't dress up for dinner (usually) but I've found it to be a lot less casual than many places- typical for an overwhelmingly white-collar city.

          1. re: John Manzo

            Visiting Calgary for a pre-move scouting trip, and was pretty put off by all the shorts and flipflops. I grew up in BC and have lived for the past ten years in CA, and am by no means a formal person. Eating dinner at Sugo's, the flipflopper at the adjacent table, facing the booth/bench where I was sitting, put his flipflop feet up next to me, a "my first time" experience at a restaurant with a wine list.

            1. re: bthc

              the funny thing is that people who are REALLY rich and powerful can wear whatever they want. on the other hand, people trying to appear as though they are from a higher class then they actually are tend to worry about how they look.

              1. re: nonlinear

                Not sure what this has to do with the conversation at hand. You don't know if flip-flops guy was rich or not.

                1. re: 23skidoo

                  My guess would be that he is rich. But I am only speculating here.

                2. re: nonlinear

                  Anyways, sharing a booth with shower sandles doesn't help one's appetite. Now proven by science.

                  To add some food content, the pasta at Sugo's was good, my only complaint was that the portion size seemed massive.

                  1. re: bthc

                    Gotta hate those massive portions,

                    1. re: John Manzo

                      I blame living a few blocks from a Cheesecake Factory for any oversized pasta portion snobbery.

                      1. re: bthc

                        Where was this? I thought that chain was only in the US- but agree, they have portions infected with elephantiasis, grotesque.

                3. re: bthc

                  better stay in BC then :P lots of flipflopers in this city...I am one of them.
                  But that wasn't me at Sugo's.

                  1. re: jojok

                    Too late, I'm coming to Calgary!

                    Edit: And I should add that the Chowhound massive's food recommendations were helpful, that Tubby Dog is a civic treasure, and the range of coffee that I tried in YYC ranged from excellent to amazing, and I didn't even make it to a P&S.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. The Coup is a fun little restaurant on 17th ave with lots of local organic ingrediants that has lots of gluten free choices. They have a little bar next door I can't remember the name of with some amazing fabulous drinks as well. It's not overly casual, but not a dress up place either. Just kind of funky.

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