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Jul 27, 2010 09:50 AM

Dark 'n' Stormy Recommendations?

Hello! I am trying to find the best Dark 'n' Stormy cocktails in the area - any suggestions?

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  1. Oh, man - am I missing a new trend? What are Dark 'n' Stormy cocktails?

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    1. re: Whinerdiner

      I'm sure baofrylover will fill you in after they've done their research..

      1. re: Whinerdiner

        They are quite big in New York this summer, so I'm trying to see if its making a resurgence anywhere else!

        1. re: baofrylover

          Thanks, sounds great. I think I'll experiment after dinner.

          1. re: baofrylover

            Hi, just popping in from the san francisco board, and I can tell you they've become very popular in SF. Not at the very highest end places, but most places now have a good version including not just ginger beer but maybe Fee's ginger bitters or fresh ground root or similar.

        2. They've made a resurgence in my garden, but I don't know who is making them let alone making a good one

          1. Pub & Kitchen has them on their menu. I'm sure the Rum Bar makes them, too.

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              rum bar def makes them, i tried one a few weeks back. i liked it, it was my first time so no idea if it was good or not but i enjoyed it.

            2. Southwark (4th and Bainbridge) makes a delicious one! I haven't been there recently but in the past it was always on the menu...

              1. Royal Tavern also makes a delicious dark and stormy.