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Dark 'n' Stormy Recommendations?

Hello! I am trying to find the best Dark 'n' Stormy cocktails in the area - any suggestions?

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  1. Oh, man - am I missing a new trend? What are Dark 'n' Stormy cocktails?

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      I'm sure baofrylover will fill you in after they've done their research..

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        They are quite big in New York this summer, so I'm trying to see if its making a resurgence anywhere else!

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          Thanks, sounds great. I think I'll experiment after dinner.

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            Hi, just popping in from the san francisco board, and I can tell you they've become very popular in SF. Not at the very highest end places, but most places now have a good version including not just ginger beer but maybe Fee's ginger bitters or fresh ground root or similar.

        2. They've made a resurgence in my garden, but I don't know who is making them let alone making a good one

          1. Pub & Kitchen has them on their menu. I'm sure the Rum Bar makes them, too.

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              rum bar def makes them, i tried one a few weeks back. i liked it, it was my first time so no idea if it was good or not but i enjoyed it.

            2. Southwark (4th and Bainbridge) makes a delicious one! I haven't been there recently but in the past it was always on the menu...

              1. Royal Tavern also makes a delicious dark and stormy.

                1. The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co

                  1. Katie, the bartender at Oyster House, often makes her own ginger beer which she'll mix to make an awesome D&S.

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                      I don't know why they're suddenly in vogue in NYC, but Katie's been making them for years. The house made ginger beer is killer.

                    2. I have no idea about the D'n'S specifically, but Steven at Village Whiskey makes amazing cocktails. If I was on the hunt for something like a D'n'S, he'd be the first person I ask to make me one.

                      1. Alma de cuba for dark and stormy, first time i ever heard of one or had one... :)

                        1. Try the Nor'easter at Noble. It's a take on a dark and stormy made with a bit of molasses...delicious, it was the highlight of my meal.

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                            Mine too. I was only so-so on my meal there, but have been pining to go back for that drink...

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                              I was at Noble this past week; this cocktail was not on the menu and I forgot to ask for it. I did have a classic D&S and it was good but not as good as you all are making this drink sound. The food had good quality, fresh ingredients and was very well prepared, but I agree that it is a bit boring and forgettable considering the price they are charging. The chickpea fries were really good though.

                              I went to Ranstead Room later and did a Bartender's Choice. I told him I like D&S but also scotch and he whipped me up a Penicillin, which was was excellent and better than most D&S I have had.

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                                I had a Penicillin at Franklin recently for the first time, incredible. I didn't think I was a whisky or scotch person, but I was really taken with it. A friend ordered his with tequila and mezcal instead of whisky and scotch, also really tasty. The lemon-ginger-honey base is a good start!

                            2. thanks everyone! I have a long to-drink list - this is perfect!

                              1. Also, it's an incredibly easy drink to make and perfect. 4 ingredients:
                                Ginger Beer - Reed's is great, and you can buy a case of it at beer distributors
                                Gosling's Black Seal
                                Fresh squeezed lime

                                It's the perfect drink - refreshing enough for a hot day, but the ginger gives it a little spice that makes it great in the winter.

                                1. Hate to add to your drinking list, but I had a D&S at the Tavern on the Hill in Chestnut Hill this weekend and it was fabulous.

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                                    What made it better than others you've had?

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                                      It had a nice ginger flavor that came through more so than with others I had tried.

                                  2. Anyone tried the D&S variation they have at Cantina?

                                    1. I don't know if the OP is still around but, for Monday night only (it seems), Amis' chef extraordinaire is making Dark and Stormy's his way:


                                      Chef Brad Spence was inspired by his recent trip to Bermuda to do a variation of the classic cocktail Dark and Stormy using house-made ginger beer and dark cherry infused grappa.

                                      Although I don't know if the event is industry exclusive or just industry preferred.

                                      1. I had one at Chick's the other day. They have a homemade ginger beer they make it with. It didn't have as much bite as some other D&Ses I've had, but it was a great drink.

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                                          Agree with barryg. D+S at Chick's is very good, as are all of their cocktails.

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                                            I love dark and stormys! I make them at home with diet hansons ginger ale instead of ginger beer.Not as good but not bad for a low sugar alternative.