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Jul 27, 2010 09:42 AM

Where to find the very best authentic French Croissant in Nashville?

Pretty new to town and I have a French family staying with us for 3 weeks. They have made it clear that they are excited to try our southern cuisine but they cannot survive without their daily baguette and croissant. I want to surprise them with the best croissant and baguette that I can source.
Where should I start my search? I have a car so I can drive pretty much anywhere.

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  1. Provence on 21st Ave in Hillsboro Village! It's pretty awesome, my next door neighbors growing up were French and they loved it! There's other locations but the 21st ave store is my fav! Bon Chance!

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      I live in Memphis so I can't say I've sampled all the croissants there are to be had in Nashville, but I agree that Provence is great.

    2. Can't say they have croissants, but A Bakery in Bellevue is pretty awesome! You could definitely find something there to make your family happy!

      1. Provence, Provence, Provence. Really the only answer to this question. Multiple locations, but the original is in Hillsboro Village. The owner studied bread baking in France before opening the shop.

        Having said that, I hope your French friends realize that bread/pastries made here will NOT be identical to what they get at home due to the differences in flour (and in the case of croissants, butter). It will be close at a good shop like Provence, but it won't be exactly the same.

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          I just mapquested both Provence and A Bakery and will visit them tomorrow with a full report by tomorrow afternoon-thank you to the very knowledgeable and food friendly folks on this board. I think I'm going to love Nashville.

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            I won't need to look any further-Provence in Hillsboro Village had exactly what I was looking for. While I've never had a croissant from Paris, I have had croissants from Tartine in San Francisco. The Provence croissants were exceptional. I had the pain au chocolat and the traditional croissant and they were still warm (got melted chocolate on a brand new top).
            The baguette was perfection and I purchased two French Macaroons that were to die for.
            Thank you to everyone who turned us on to this beautiful French bakery. We will start coming here seven days a week as soon as the family arrives. I look forward to discovering more food gems like this one in Nashville with the help of this board.

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              Glad you liked it AND it was what you are looking for.

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                I loved the macarons I got at Provence in Green Hills. Better than the schmancy ones I used to get at a gourmet chocolate shop in Cambridge. Who knew?

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                  yay! so glad you found one of the many great eateries you'll come to know in nashville...come check out the Acorn off west end when you get a chance...we've got an awesome patio, yummy food, and half priced bottles of wine on Monday's!!! :)

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                      1/2 priced bottle wine night...not many specials on drinks in town on monday's, trying to make monday's a little more fun!

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                        I will Mapquest Acorn and give you guys a try-are you locals or chain?

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                          um ... I was being cheeky, trying to point out that Monday's is the possessive form. I believe you meant the plural, Mondays.

                          Acorn is fine, but every time I've been I've thought that I could have gotten a meal as good or better elsewhere for less money.

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                            mmmmaaaahhh oops

                            we are local part of the nashville originals (you should look those up too, all local restauranteurs) and yah it's pricey, I can't even afford my employee meals with the discount! but that's all changing soon, we got a new head chef and there will be more affordable options all with as many local ingredients as we can muster...

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                              I really enjoyed Acorn when I went there. We've tried recreating the Potato and Churizo crusted Halibut with that amazing slightly sweet but amazing sauce. It is so good and one of the most memorable dishes I've ever had.

                2. Feed them cornbread and muffins. They can get their French thingies when they go home. I can't imagine showing up in France and demanding donuts for breakfast. You might want to talk to these folks about eating local.

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                    I agree.....personally, if I were a guest in France and they "thought" I might like Americanized food and hauled me to McDonalds...I would be put off. I suggest that you show them everything that Nashville has to offer and the first stop would be Loveless Cafe, Pancake Pantry and even Cracker Barrel. Everyone needs to eat at a Waffle House, at least once.

                    Pancake Pantry
                    1796 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212

                    Cracker Barrel
                    716 N Campbell Station Rd, Knoxville, TN 37934

                    Waffle House Restaurant
                    1034 N Main St, Nicholasville, KY 40356