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Jul 27, 2010 09:42 AM

Looking for squab

Anybody have any idea where I would be able to find squab as an ingredient in Montreal? I've been looking around and have not had any luck so far.

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  1. Try asking at any Chinatown restaurant. Squab is not a uncommon dish. They'll be able to tell you where you can pick it up.

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      Maison du Roti on Mont-Royal Est almost always has in the freezer section at the right rear of the main room. Check in the top cabinet towards the left side. Fairly expensive. Volailles et Gibiers Fernando on Roy doesn't regularly stock but can certainly order for you, a little less expensive, call and they'll give you a timeframe. I live on the Plateau and can get/order pretty much anything I want from these two + Alim-Pot 2 blocks down from Fernando so I don't usually venture further for meat. I'm sure if you live near JTM or Atwater you could get hooked up as well.

      No bird do I enjoy more than a fresh pigeon cooked rare over hot charcoals, yum!

    2. There are few farms that raise Squab as unfortunately there's not a high consumer demand, most of it goes to restaurants. You can purchase directly from Ferme Miboulay: they are the only Montreal area based produce, they also raise veal grain fed veal, and are in Marieville which is only about 20min away from Montreal (while there you can also visit Chevrière du Monnoir for cheese and chevreau).

      253, Chemin du Pin Rouge
      J3M 1N9

      1. Have you given any thought to just going to the park with a loaf of bread and a fishing net?

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          SnackHappy I thought of saying it but I bit my tongue, I was going to add that I was once witness to an old Italian man walking in the Lafontaine parc with a big sac and just bagging a dozen in a blink of an eye.

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            Alas, if they're flying, they're not squabs, which are adult-size fledglings that haven't yet left the nest.

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              Carswell - Very true. Fortunate for the meat consumers that baby utility pigeons don't leave the nest until large and plump.

              "Toward a better world I contribute my modest smidgin;
              I eat the squab, lest it become a pigeon."
              Although I must say I greatly enjoy the robust flavor of a wild adult Pigeon or a Woodcock the few times per year that I get to indulge. Dark meat birdies browned and bloody can't be beat. North America and it's retarded wild game laws :(

              Wish I had a car now though, would love to check out Ferme Miboulay and the farming system, just for kicks!