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Jul 27, 2010 09:39 AM

sourcing magret fume

forgive me for not taking the time to figure out how to put an accent on that last 'e'. i'm looking for a smoked duck breast in the french style to purchase. my french bistro cookbook has a recipe for 'salade cro-magnon' that i really need to make happen.

any/all help is appreciated.


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  1. No idea if it's the French style, but there's a duck place that sells fresh and smoked duck products @ union sq greenmarket on Fridays. I've found them at the corner of 17th and Un. Sq West.

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      Not sure if it's the same vendor, but a vendor selling smoked duck breast is also at the greenmarket on Saturdays at Tucker Square (UWS). He usually has tastes out which is how DH fell in love with it.

    2. I second the vendor at the Friday market; his duck is very tasty.

      If you have no luck there, smoked duck breast should be easy to find in any of the large "gourmet" marts that carry D'Artagnan products. Citarella, for example.

      1. Fresh Direct sells Hudson Valley smoked magret. It's very good and I would consider it to be "French", if there is such a thing.