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Jul 27, 2010 09:12 AM

Eng Bee Tin hopia in the GTA?

Do you know where to find Eng Bee Tin hopia in the GTA? (For those wondering, hopia is a Filipino-Chinese snack consisting of flaky pastry filled with a paste made of ube (purple yam) or mungo beans.)

I'm willing to drive as far west as Mississauga, as far east as Scarborough, and as far north as Vaughan. I've already checked out T & T Supermarkets, but no luck. I know most Filipino and Chinese bakeries offer hopia, but I'm having trouble finding this particular brand.

Thank you!

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  1. I have never had hopia, even though I am Chinese. Have you tried emailing Eng Bee Tin for a list of their distributors?

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    1. re: Crispier Crouton

      Thanks, C Crouton! I've emailed them but no bites so far. These are easy to find in Asian stores in Vancouver, so I figured it would be the same here in Toronto, but since I'm not having any luck, I figured I'd ask the Chowhounders. I'm told by a Chinese friend that they're similar to moon cakes or wife cakes.

    2. Dear Patio Lantern,
      I found Eng Bee Tin hopia today!!! And I thought of you!

      I found the Eng Bee Tin hopia at a Filipino Restaurant in Scarborough called Jessie Jr. They have a website so you can Google the exact address. They have 2 branches. Hubby and I went to the one on Sheppard Ave East corner Brimley.

      I bought one pack of the mungo & one pack of the ube. They even had some other flavors (hopia baboy and some winter-melon thingie). So happy!

      I tried looking for the receipt but I can't find it anymore. But if I remember correctly they cost about CAD$4.00 for the 2 packs. A little steep but I love hopia so I thought it was totally worth it.

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      1. re: marciebuttercup

        THANK YOU, Marciebuttercup! I was so desperate I'd asked my mom to send me some from Vancouver, but now I can get my fix in the GTA. I'm also planning on having these as favours at my fall wedding, so you've helped a hopia addict AND a bride. Thanks for the detailed info!

        1. re: Patio Lantern

          Oh! You made my day with your reply. Glad to have helped out a fellow hopia addict. Best wishes on your upcoming nuptials!