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Jul 27, 2010 09:04 AM

Green Bay, WI area - El Serape - pretty good

I'd read some positive things about El Serape and stopped at their latest location on Oneida just south of 172. Strip mall on the east side of Oneida, just north of Hansen rd.

Salsa that actually had heat (maybe a bit salty). I had mole poblano with chicken. not any heat to speak of, but decent depth of flavor. Usual rice and beans, but good. And none of that 2 or 3 corn tortilla thing - six in the keep-hot container. My wife had a burrito special - Mario's two mini burrittos. You can have a variety of fillings; she had one chicken and one rice/beans. Topped with a white cheese sauce and onion and cilantro. Both good.

Good service, decent pricing (mole special was $8.50, burrito special $7.75(?)) Vegetarian options.

Is this place Jalapeno Loco in Milwaukee, or Frontera in Chicago? No. But in that geographical area, it's a definite plus.

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