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Jul 27, 2010 08:46 AM

Foodie Souvenirs

Hello all. Unfortunately I will not be visiting the area any time soon, but the SO is (end of August - early September). He has kindly offered to bring me back an assortment of souvenirs. Any recommendations as to what he could fly back with him, i.e. any food items that are special/unique to the area that can't be acquired in Toronto, our hometown? He could also bring back fresh food items since the flight isn't that long (assuming of course that these can be carried over the border). Thanks in advance!

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  1. A stack of good tortillas.

    1. Avocados, citrus, fresh tortillas, maybe some good carne asada marinade from one of the Mexican markets?

      1. Can't bring fresh fruit or vegetables across the border. Can't carry cured meats, either (pity, because Knight Salumi makes some excellent sopressata). Tortillas are probably the only thing that you wouldn't be able to get in Toronto that you could actually take back with you. That, and the wine selection in stores here is quite a bit better than in Toronto.

        1. If he's checking luggage then he could bring back some of our local beers. AleSmith Decadence is on shelves now at Whole Foods in Hillcrest and is a very good beer.

          Chocolates from Chuao are good and should travel well.

          1. Yea chocolate. If you want something you can't buy online the giant milk and dark chocloate covered caramels at the Elegant Truffle are wonderful. Truffles not so special, but the caramels.....

            Another local one that you can buy online Eclipse Chocolate. i haven't tried the truffles, and you can skip the salted caramels, but the candy bars very good. White choc mac ginger, dark choc chile hazelnut., dark choc peanut butter toffee, and others.. We typically get them at farmers markets around town, closer than the Cafe. If interested call and find out where and when.

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              +1 for Eclispe. Sea salt nibs are awesome.