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Jul 27, 2010 08:02 AM

On the road: early AM breakfasts near Portland, Florence, and Eureka (CA)

My beau and I are taking a road trip from Seattle to San Francisco in less than two weeks and I've been amassing restaurant and sightseeing recs. One place where I have a gaping hole are breakfasts along the way. We'll be staying one night each in Portland, Florence, and Eureka (CA) and plan on getting up very early in leaving Florence and Eureka to head to our next destination.

Does anyone have any suggestions for early morning breakfasts on the road? Are there road-side stands for fruit? I love both "healthy" breakfast of fresh fruit, yogurt, granola, etc. as well as heartier breakfasts of eggs and such. But for those early mornings we probably will want to grab something quick and get going.


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  1. In Eureka you want to hit Los Bagels in Old Town on the corner of 2nd and E streets. Open weekdays at 6:30am, weekends at 7am.

    Most bagels I encounter are characterless doughy blobs, so I'm imagining you're as skeptical as I would be if I got this recommendation. But these are honest boiled bagels made with care--I was hard pressed to find better when I lived in NYC--served with a bit of hippie Humboldt County style. And this place has been around for more than 25 years with the same owners, so it's one of those beloved institutions where all the locals go.

    My favorite is the slug (everything bagel shaped long rather than rolled in to a ring) with cream cheese, local hard smoked salmon, and Larrupin mustard dill sauce (another local product--it's a Swedish style sweet/tangy sauce that's perfect with fish). The pesto cream cheese is also great and they have goat cheese from Cypress Grove (makers of the famous Humboldt Fog).

    Hope you have a great trip!

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      Thanks, Aplyley! I'm from NYC so I will definitely have to check this place out. Sounds great.

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        assuming you're headed west on US 26, Camp 18 looms as you near the coast, if you can wait that long.
        Kitschy but fun....

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          Thanks for the Camp 18 rec but we won't be headed on 26. From Portland the plan is to take 26 and then 6 over to Tillamook. But I'll keep it on the list in case plans change since it looks interesting!

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            6 is a much nicer drive, I just don't know anywhere to stop on that road till you get to Tillamook. :)

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        Wow. Maybe I need to drive to Eureka for breakfast.

      3. There are not roadside stands along the coast. You'll find them closer to farms.

        However there are lots of farmers' markets in Oregon and Northern California.

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          This time of year you may stumble on some berry farms with stands, but as Windy mentions, not so much on 101.

          Portland has a farmers market somewhere in the city 6 days a week. I find that blueberries and cherries travel really well if you decide to pack a picnic breakfast.

          There are lots of small town markets too. This could help you find something that corresponds with your route down the coast: