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Jul 27, 2010 07:31 AM

finding Ice?

Have rented a great apartment in Florence for aprrox a week this fall.We love all of the wine that we experience but also love to sit back with a few cocktails for a change of pace.
Does anyone know where to perhaps buy a bag of ice in florence, as I remember that ice seems somewhat of a commodity most of the time. and can anyone suggest a good place to buy bottles of bourbon or vodka?

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  1. Not a lot of ice sold, look at the espresso bars, get to know one and maybe they will accomodate you. For liqour, most large grocery stores have hard liqour, the hypermarket "Iper Coop" has a huge selection.

    1. This may sound silly, but won't the refrigerator have a freezer compartment in which you can make your own ice?

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        ttoo, yes but many Italian "frigos" have tiny freezers and unreliable ice trays, also tiny.

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          very good point ospreycove! I remember my last trip and the ice trays(2) were so small and we were able to have about a glassworth of ice. with four "drinkers" this will just not cut it! maybe I should give up the idea of the balcony cocktails and just drink the delicious wine. Do you think I can offer one of the espresso bars something perhaps American that I can give to them as my token of appreciation for the ice( maybe something that they cannot get in Florence?)

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            why not take along a couple cheap plastic trays of your own
            there are some big hypermercatos in Florence - I wouldnt give up without checking

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              "why not take along a couple cheap plastic trays of your own"

              Good idea...I was thinking just make a block of ice in a container and chip away.

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                People, Many freezer compartments in Italian refrigerators are not large enough to fit a standard North American ice-cube tray or a container of any size.

                The only Italian company I could find that makes ice cubes sold in plastic bags has no distributor in Florence. But that's not to say ice cubes are not sold in Florence. I'd try the Coop Supermercato (there is no Ipermercato in Florence itself) on Via Cimabue.

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                  if a freezer will not hold an inch-high tray it wont hold much pre-made cube ice either!

      2. i suppose I should possibly give up on the ice thing. another thought, do the italian grocery( COOP) stores sell camari and soda mini already chilled like in a 4 6 or 8 pack. I recall seeing them once in Venice but dont remember if they sold them already chilled, similiar to the way we buy beer in the states. and finally, it has been a few years since ny last journey to Italy, is it true that italians, primarily the youth culture are tending to shy away from the wine scene and are into the cocktail thing? I almost cant believe this is possible, but many forums and blogs are leading me to think this true? any thoughts here?

        1. When I was in Italy last month, I was surprised that I could not find ice anywhere. It was very hot, and I needed because I had bought cheese, and I was carrying insulin.

          I tried the big grocery stores (Iper Coop), and they were no help.

          Eventually, I discovered that almost all hotels have ice. If I was staying at a hotel, I would ask for ice before checking out.. I even asked for ice at hotels where I was just 'passing thru'. They were always happy to me help me out.

          1. Florence has some very lovely cocktail bars and the spirit (so to speak) of Italy is to me to go out and join the crowd during the traditional cocktail hour.

            Instead of drinking bourbon and vodka, how about trying a Negroni?


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              I agree. Negroni รจ molto squisiti!